Thursday, April 28, 2016

She begins to unravel the long brown cloth wrapping her head of hair
She shivers
Her toes curl on the gravel under her feet
The moon slumbers
As he slips every single button, his hands taunt her resolve
Each pop resounds in her mind playing a reel she thought long dismissed
His caresses blind her
(He cheated!)
His gaze enthrals her
(He crushed your dreams!)
His whispers sink her--
(He betrayed your trust!)
down into a bottomless pit of desire and longing and missing and

She doesn't want to remember
The remnants of her glowing strength has turn to ember
Seethes red, soon grey, to turn to ashes, scatters
This is her moratorium to anything and everything him
The last light impales on his lust
She will take it, use it, she will fuel her own until her baskets of weave adorns out in wreaths that hangs on their casket
She begins to wrap her long brown cloth of doggedness on her broken nature

She rises.

PJ 27042016


Dewi Aja said...

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Anonymous said...

hi. where have u been?

-your silent reader-

azyze said...

Hi Anon,
I'm still around. Life's been quite chaotic, I find it hard to come back to blogging.

But... your comment might just be the poke I needed to get back on track!
Thanks for still coming around for update... and for saying hi :)

Anonymous said...

:) looking forward for that.