Happy to be 33

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I turned 33 on 20th May 2015. I see this as a halfway journey, a mid-life point... Well, I think I'd probably go as far as 66 in life so 33 seems like the perfect time to have a mid-life crisis, don't you think?

But despite my challenging work life and my almost non-existant social/love life, I look back and realized that I have been truly lucky and blessed with a wonderful family who has always supported my choices in life, group of friends who's always there thru thick and thin, an admirable mentor guiding my career and colleagues who nourishes my growth, and rezeki yang tak putus.

A few years ago I thought passing the 3-0 mark and still being single would be depressing, but time has yet again proven that people's standards are irrelevant. This status god has given me for now might have some low points (like a friend said, frozen t*ts alone in bed haha), but I enjoy being able to be a total bum and sloth out at home, or travel the world at my own pace, or burn the midnight oil for my career -- odd, selfish choices, perhaps, but you are what you are and you do what makes you happy the most, and so I choose to live and be happy instead of wallowing about what I don't have. Besides, it feels weirdly facinating to know that eh so I am much more confident, a little more matured, but can still be a kid at heart and still be bongok, without needing to grow up and bear parental responsibilities, unlike my friends? Whoaa awesome! *whoot whoot*

Alhamdulillah, it feels good to be 33. Here's to another 33 years of absolute havoc, wonderment and adventure!

Ps: Doakan yang terbaik, and insyaallah if it's meant to be, it will be. Bila sampai waktunya, he will be there. I am sure *grins sambil kelip-kelip mata mengada*