90s kid

Friday, December 05, 2014

I was queuing for my train to work this morning and it came to me that I'm still very much a grunge-y person. I've had my share og hip-hop and power-dressing but I always, always gravitate back to the styles of the 90s. 

I'm pretty lucky to work for a creative team in a corporate company, where I get to indulge in both spectrums of the office fashion. Although dresses and heels and skater skirts with stockings and blazers are great for campaign pitches and meetings with the president, nothing beats the comfort of a black tee, baggy jeans that are 2inches too long (folded!), a pair of overworn sneakers and a drapy lazy knit cardy. Having an understanding boss that absolutely understands your ability to 'get it together' when the occasion calls for it is a plus too -- it's so refreshing when you don't get harked on not looking right for the company :)

Ps: Downside of the job would probably be the crazy hours and hair-tearing deadlines, but I love what I do, so I am blessed! #alhamdulillah 

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