Figure fetish

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I just realized that my Monday blues almost always happen on Wednesdays!
To curb my need to bitchslap every idiot I encounter today,  I will admire Aishwarya's determination in turning her maternity fat self into a magnificent volupto-siren.

That's her at the recent Cannes Film Festival. What impressed me is that she didn't just turn back into the old skinny Aish, she actually managed to do the Angelina -- mommy got curves and she's a hundred times more gorgeous than dem skinny Hollywood  bitchez!

Standing ovation!


Anonymous said...

kat atas tu tulis absence of mende tu, makcik tak paham. lol

azyze said...

Anon makcik:
Hahahaha. Cheh. Concinity.
Absense (Ketiadaan / Tanpa) of Concinnity (keeleganan sastera /artistik) .

Semoga ini membantu menambah kosa kata Inggeris anda hehe.

ouT oF My MinD said...

i love angelina jolie face with ash body....
but i kind of in hate love relationship with my kim kardashian body....

azyze said...

Amboiiiiii Kim K katanya. Ok la aku restu hahaahah