And north we go!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Good morning!

It's been a while since we last met, kan? My worst track record ni, I've never neglected this blog this long. I haven't sold out... Still no twitter, still no  daily rantings on facebook. To tell you the truth, I'm just so swamped with work that I simply lost interest in writing outside of work. Not even musings on pieces of tissue paper or receipts. If I do attach myself to a paper and pen, it would normally churn out random doodles. The only thing I've been kinda consistent about would be Instagram, and even that is filled with random whatevers.

I've come to that point again where nothing sits well and I feel absolutely restless. I had this a couple of years ago, and back then I swapped careers. This time I don't feel like doing something as drastic. Besides, things are so chaotic and jumbled up at work right now, it would be interesting to see how they'll progress and evolve. You know what they say, there's opportunity in every problem. It's a good way to challenge myself and see how far I can go, and if I really can be the person I aspired to be back when I was a rookie.

But I digress, yet again.

This time it's wanderlust.

People close to me would know that I've harboured dreams of traveling the world since forever, but due to monetary limitations and a prominent lazyass gen, this particular dream had to be chucked to the backburner. I've only done trips around Malaysia, and only been abroad on short, easy trips to Manila, Hatyai and Japan (Japan was the first ever trip, and that triggered the need to travel. I was there under a student exchange programme back in '98).

So after years of hustling my earnings to pay for my 'wajib things to achieve by 30' (ok only managed to buy a house.still carless), I finally have enough money for a minor traveling trip.
I met up with a friend who just recently took a year of unpaid leave to travel around the world. She's done the SEA leg of her tour, and was looking at the Eastern European countries next. I happen to mention that I'd love to backpack to somewhere rare and absolutely foreign, and she shared her wish for nomadic travels and before we knew it, it was a done deal;

We are going to Beijing, and on the Trans-Siberian railway to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

Just like that!

In merely 3 weeks, I was to immerse myself with everything budget Beijing and Mongolia. This is to be a pure backpack trip, including couchsurfing at every location we go to. Gila banyak brenda nak research and settle! Pastu since I could only take up to 2 weeks of leave (ni pun pushing it a little too far, boss wasn't so happy but said ok since I've already purchased tickets), my leg of the journey ends at Ulaanbaatar. My friend will continue her journey on the train to various parts of Siberia before porting in Moscow and traveling Russia for a month and a half. Jealous kot!!!! Tapi takleh tamak, and this is already a huge change from my monotonous life so I should take it one step at a time lah kan. Bajet macam terer je kan, silap-silap sampai Mongolia dah mati beku pasal tak tahan -20 hahaha.

Beb, serious excited weh!

Ada la bebudak opis ngan friends yang agak "eh over la budak backpack ni" tapi mungkin diorang x faham perasaan percutian pakai redah takde tour on a limited timeframe and budget ciput. Diorang paling paling pun budget hotel. Aku ni akan berak cangkung kat luar khemah ger Mongolia weh. Di bawah paras beku. Dengan food supply halal yang limited. Backpacking ada limited weights yg kita termampu nak galas sambil berjalan everywhere and with all priority given too thick winter clothes, I wont be able to carry much food from malaysia. Lain la kalau ni percutian tarik beg turun flight terus ambik cab gi hotel. Tapi takpe la, people sometimes hate because they don't understand. Or maybe envy, in which case I'd say look at yourself and you got things I probably wish I have too. Insyaallah one day your turn will come :)
So yeah, I'm leaving mid March to Beijing, and if all goes well, will touch down back in Kuala Lumpur on the 28th.
Since China blocks google, blogger and fb, I'll try to post updates via instagram and tumblr. I'll put the tumblr link here soon, just in case you wanna see how I'm doing over in the lands of smog and yurts :)

Here's to new adventures!!

Hoarder of memories

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sesempit kotak memori yang semakin sendat berisi kenangan-kenangan pedih yang hanya buat kau menangis setiap kali ia muncul ke permukaan fikiranmu.

Mengapa tidak lapangkan sahaja, buang segala semak samun dan beri lebih ruang kepada bongkah-bongkah pengalaman baru yang lebih memberansangkan?

Hmmm, cakap memang senang.
Realitinya kes ini seperti mak dan bapak aku. Otak, seperti mak, bila sampai satu tahap yang terlalu merimaskan maka dia akan mula mengumpul dan membuang sampah-sampah memori yang tidak lagi relevan. Masalahnya, perangai hati saling tak tumpah dengan bapak. Dia akan perlahan-lahan pergi kutip balik kesemua 'semak' yang sudah dibuang. Boleh guna lagi ni, katanya. Benda ni ada sentimental value, katanya.

Sebab itulah aku kata cakap memang senang.

Bila hati jadi hoarder, memang berselirat la kepala hotak kau.