Hello Dolly

Monday, August 19, 2013

A girl's biggest dilemma is not how fat she is, or how her hair sometimes still looks askew and effed up even after hours of salon treatment, or how she's going out on a hot date and she bought a gorgeous piece of skirt with matching subtle jewelry and cute heels to boot and then as she jumps into the shower an hour before she goes out on her date she realizes she's OUT OF NAIR and there's no shaver in sight because she no longer uses a shaver and what if just what if she tries to use a knife but that's a stupid idea why the hell would she even consider that and look now she's gotta resort to wearing pants and she just wasted money on the skirt and all so now she's in no mood to doll up so she ends up in sneakers, a blaise tee and a pair of yucky jeans but whatever because fashion can suck it.

A girl's dilemma, numero uno, is:

when she, once in a while, meet someone so absolutely awesome, gorgeous and of the same wavelength that she realizes that oh my, he could be THE ONE.
And then, in some mysterious cosmic plot, the world crashes reality smack on your face by unveiling that he is IN NO WAY available.

That is why,
I don't bother with leg-shaving. Always jeans absolutomente - such is the life of an awkward introverted nerd *snickers dorkily*

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