What now?

Monday, June 03, 2013

It was very quiet. Time stood still. Well, it didn't, for that would be impossible but it sure felt like it. As he stepped to the window sill and peered at the source of the commotion outside, it sure felt like time stood still.

His heart skipped a few beats.
His equilibrium went awry.
His brain screamed alarm yet nothing came out of his mouth.

Outside, a body lay mangled on the road, flung carelessly next to the wreck of what was a car a few minutes ago.

His hand, now clammy, grabbed the ledge. He barely felt the chalky flakes of the sill paint sticking to his palms, his nails dug into the wood, and splinters pierced his fingers. He felt nothing. He was in a trance. Time has stopped.

Blood blossomed on the road, it creeped, creating a living vein of crimson that travelled through the pebbles, stopping only when it hits the pavement.

He knew he should go out. And do what, he is gone!, his brain screamed.
Well, something. Anything!, said the voice in his heart. I must!

And so, without so much of an effort,  he flew out of the window, glided his way lightly to the scene of disaster. As he flew over the wreck, he glanced at the other body, trapped in the twisted iron. The driver moved a little, blood trickling from the temple and nose. She will live, he thought. Better move on to more pressing matters such as the limp body lying face down in a puddle a few metres away.

Gracefully, he landed next to the body. The light glow from his ethereal body bounced off the still form. Slowly, he lifted his left hand and made a small circle with his index finger.

Magically, the body began to levitate... a slow, steady rise, rotating, until it floated slowly down on the ground. No sound, no sign of life. The body in front of him is dead. 

He was flabbergasted. 
The upturned face was no stranger to him. The dead eyes staring at him was eerily familiar.

He was looking at his own body.

Fuck. What now?


Dewajiwa said...

go find Whoopi Goldberg -- fast! while the moment last. hehe

azyze said...

Oda May Brown! Hahaha

azyze said...

Oda May Brown! Hahaha