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Monday, June 03, 2013

In my fight against turning into the female version of the Michelin mascot, I've accidentally discovered  the wonders of green juices/ smoothies. Okay, okay, it wasn't purely accidental. I've heard about juicing for quite some time but never really bothered. The juice counters you find at the malls charge an arm and a leg for a cup of freshly squeezed juices. And then they add those protein shakes thingies that my friends are addicted to... 'energy booster'. Yeah right, protein powder taken by people who do nothing but sit in front of the computer = kilang menternak lemak! Stop being duped, people! Don't say "Alah tambah singgit dua je dapat yang sedap tu... juice biasa boring and tak berbaloi beli at this price." That's what they want you to think!

Since I refuse to be lured into this evil plot of overcharged fruit juices and frosties (not a fan of fraps either), and since I wasn't about to spend a few hundred buying juicers that I might or might not use diligently, I simply stuck with eating the fruits instead. Easier, yummier and cheaper. 

Until... Pinterest converted me.

So there's this lady who pinned about "Green Smoothies",  a mixture of greens and fruits blended into a fine pulpy juice. Since I'm all for exotic (read= weird) food and drinks involving an absurd amount of veggie, I gave the idea a coupla reads (brief reads, i'm impatient) and decided to just dive head first into the whole thing. 

The result: AWESOME!

The tip is to put the softer items first, then the harder ones. So leafy greens or bananas go to the bottom, then oranges, then only apples or carrots. Here you see a mixture of pegaga and mint with oranges and plain water. These items were from the fridge so I get an instant cold green slushie!

I find frozen strawberries yucky. Do not freeze then -- do not! Rasa bangang. 
Raspberry tastes better, even grapes but you need to halve them first before freezing or they'll get as hard as ice (I use a cheap blender)

This is red & green apples - cucumber - parsley - purple spinach - orange. Nais oso. Don't forget a little bit of water for lubrication.

When I feel like cheating-- aka using boxed juice as the lubricator / base. 

Inilah hasilnya! Sedap yooooooooo

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