Banking on beliefs

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dude, the post election environment is just as irritating as the pre. The racial and religion cards are being drawn yet again, and thanks to some sore losers, the nation gets a little more unglued.
Some people are just bent on destruction. To be angry when you lose is one thing, but to still be flinging insults and brewing hate when you've achieved so much is just plain whacked.
It is in times like these the true colours of tyrannical bastards shine through.
It's up to us, the 'serfs' of the nation to decide the tracks upon which our trains will be chugging on, and in these trying times we need to be more vigilant on self-professed vigilantes. Fame, power and money corrupts even the most righteous of man, so we need to trust sensibly. Blind trusting is just as dangerous as biting the magic bullet. Fight for rights, for humanity, for noble causes, not for leaders of revenge.
I have this nagging feeling that revolution is in the air... But what kind of change, and the magnitude of it, i can't predict. I am but an average citizen, i'm sure some of you feel the same.
Let's just continue to remind ourselves that the power of a group of ones can alpha out so many things. one plus one, and then another one falls in line, and before we know it we are one billion. The people proved this true thru the election results. Let's continue to unite and work for the nation, not for individuals with personal agendas.
Let's work for Malaysia.

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