It's gone. Babi.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Someone broke in my office drawer and took the RM700+ collection money. Turns out some other drawers were opened as well, and a few other people lost stuff, but nothing as valuable. Dah la pintu depan punya security bar rosak, dah dua bulan tapi diorang tak baiki. I believe this is the main reason why this was a disaster waiting to happen.

I'm trying to divert the anger towards myself, scolding myself for leaving the money in the office, but then again the drawer was locked, and before this we never had this problem. Although security did chart the comings and goings at the security post, we had vendors and cleaners and a bunch of casual workrs coming and going, especialy for renovations etc. So see, I'm not to blame. Well, at least, not even 50%. What's the use of giving us keys, if not for safekeeping?


Right now I'm trying to redha with the whole thing, but what can I say, all I want to do is spew a coupla hundred fucks to the perpetraitor and a particular department that's responsible for the door. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck you. There, that's a good start.

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