Monday, November 19, 2012

Moments after clicking 'publish' for the Pretty Wings entry, I realized that I just mused (whine might be too strong a word) about fashion and appearance when across the world, our brothers and sisters in Palestine are going through a hell lotta tougher situation.

Let's extend a prayer for them... regardless of religion or race, terrorism is terrorism.

I feel so useless right now. What to do to help apart from extending words of empathy and sympathy, tote Free Gaza banners and writing posts like this? Not much money, not much power. I just hope my prayers reach them, insyAllah.

Pretty wings

I wasted 10 minutes hair-drying my head this morning. That 10 minutes could've gone to boiling water and making coffee, or putting basic makeup stuff, or sleeping a lil longer. Instead, there I was, standing with a dryer in one hand thinking 'ok this is already the highest temp, how come the hair is still wet? It's bad enough that I had to waste 5 minutes in the shower for conditioning... Wait, the heat will make my hair coarse so I need to put some serum on it! Why is this taking so long?!'

You see, girly I can do - eyeliner and blusher, once in a while I even do a workdress with leggings and ballerina flats. But its the GIRLY girly that gets to me. It's the endless processes to look awesomely prim and chic and sleekly feminine.

It's little things like having to go through shampoo-conditioner-hair dryer-serum regime every other day for a nice head of hair. Or choosing tops with the right length to go with the right pair of pants so I do not look like a stumped hobbit wannabe or a slouchy sloth. It would be a lot easier if I have a wardrobe the size of Mariah Carey's, so there will be enough long tops to go with an assortment of tapered pants, and a variety of high waisted boot cut slacks to compliment cute chic short jackets.

I have a thing for jackets, especially the kind with military-like detailings -- brass buttons, mandarin collars and square lapels, you get the pic. It's a lil tricky to pull off this look if you're not girly girly, or in my case, already a lil rugged styled. So small details that might be superfluous to the male population, like layered  bangles or jewel studs instead of bead ones, or a long cute necklace makes all the difference. 

The other day I was walking around thinking how can these ladies keep their jackets perfectly uncrumpled and stiffly in shape. Mine is always a lil creased on the shoulders and on the sides... and then it occurred to me: they never carry their bags on the shoulders! Of course mine would crease and gets a lil furry, the bag handles crunch into the shoulder, and the bag is abrasive against the jacket. The right way to preserve the look is by holding the bag on the forearm, but let's get real, I ain't carrying a 3kg bag on my wrist. And so the fashion dilemma continues...

This girly girly thing will take some getting used to. Yep. 30 and still learning. I have a feeling it will never stop. Welcome to the pre-vain world of 'presentable'. 

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Lagu pagi Sabtu

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yes, Miguel. I do. Please do me like drugs tonight. Thank you.

menjadi obsesi buat masa ini

Friday, November 09, 2012

1. Doodling. Kalau boleh, dinding rumah pun saya mahu doodle :)
2. Kasut glitter comel yang ringan dan selesa nak mam.
3. Red pesto surprise di Wondermilk (bro cashier Wondermilk Cinta Mall, cuba friendly sikit)
4. Good coffee. Gila addictive tapi migraine pun boleh tahan gak.

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Why do you wear the Guy Fawkes Mask?

Monday, November 05, 2012

Hari ini adalah Guy Fawkes Day di UK.
Guy Fawkes merupakan salah seorang dari 13 konspirator yang terlibat dalam rancangan meletupkan House of Lords pada 1605. Pihak berkuasa telah berjaya mengantoikan Fawkes dan rakan-rakannnya dan setelah dibicarakan (Fawkes mengaku tidak bersalah), Fawkes dan kawan-kawan dijatuhkan hukuman gantung, dikerat dan dihantar ke empat penjuru negara sebagai pengajaran kepada rakyat (fuh!). Penduduk London telah digalakkan menyambut kejatuhan konspirasi 'Gunpowder Treason Plot' tersebut pada setiap 5 November, dan keraian tersebut dikenali sebagai Guy Fawkes Day. Patung-patung Guy Fawkes akan dibakar sebagai tanda kebencian mereka.

Walau bagaimanapun,
seperti mana-mana pesalahlaku lantang yang mati di tangan kerajaan, status beliau berubah menjadi ikon pejuang kebebasan yang kini semakin dicontohi. Topeng Fawkes menjadi popular setelah novel grafik Alan Moore, V for Vendetta menjadi kultus besar seluruh dunia. Susulan kebangkitan rakyat pelbagai negara menentang kerajaan semakin menjadi-jadi, topeng Fawkes kini dianggap sebagai simbol perjuangan menentang opresi serta kebebasan mutlak.

Tak lama lagi, rasanya topeng ini akan menjadi penyebab kamu ditahan jika memakainya di rapat umum serta sesi demonstrasi kerana stigma keganasan yang melekat dengannya.

Jadi sebelum kamu suka-suka sarung topeng ini, kenali siapa dan apa perjuangan Fawkes. Jika kamu banyak terkesan dengan V for Vendetta (sepeti saya), tak kiralah versi novel atau filem (saya syorkan novel grafiknya), baca atau fahamkan betul-betul bait kata yang diungkap oleh V sebelum anda join in the bandwagon.

Ini kerana perjuangan menentang keganasan dan penindasan harus terus wujud, tetapi cara ianya dijalankan tidak harus terikat dengan letupan dan pembunuhan. Dunia sudah berubah, dan mentaliti kita juga harus sejajar dengannya.

I'm a V believer, but that doesn't mean that I'd walk into Bangunan Parlimen and blow up our government. There's always reasoning... and when those fail, don't jump the gun. Brew your ideas through thought provoking media and other sources of communication. Ideas are bulletproof, and words will never lose their power. Do not succumb to the bombs and tanks. When united, our voices will be heard. Back in Fawkes' day, diorang takde means untuk menyebarkan pemahaman sepertimana kita. In our borderless age, war, violence and acts of terrorism are no longer means for freedom. There is a reason why god gave you your brain, there's a reason why hate is scorn upon. Rebel against the establishment in an intelligent way, because remember, YOU might one day BECOME the establishment. An uprise could start with the best intentions but anything violent would almost always trigger a domino effect of unspeakable destruction, either material or spiritual.

The earth's clock is already ticking it's armageddon, heaving its last breaths away. Why shorten our stay on it with destruction and senseless hate.

Be the provocateur for peace, not hate.

Let the mask represent not anonymity for destruction, but a unity against demolition and the power of the strongest revolution -- one of the mind, not blind might.