That awkward moment

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm sure you've seen at least one romantic movie, right?

You know how the story goes right? Searching, falling head over heels in love with that soulmate, the  heartbreak of finding out that something is seriously wrong / they are not who they really are / something or someone is standing in the way of happiness, and of course, the perfect romantic ending where love wins and eternal happiness is promised as the credit rolls.

Well, my life is like that.
Except it is a loop of all the heartbreaking scenes. Not exactly just about love, just that crushed feeling, over and over again.

I feel like shit. I have a brain, I have feet, yet I still don't know how to 'steer' my life in the favourable 'direction'. Dr. Seuss shouldn't have written all those silly stuff.


mizzyN said...

oompa loop

My name starts with M said...

same here..
why do we have to face the same pattern eh?