M.Nasir memang sempoi

Monday, July 16, 2012

Berkesempatan ke Konsert M.Nasir di Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra pada Jumaat lepas.

Awalnya nak membuat review untuk konsert tersebut tapi belum berkelapangan. Tengok lah, kalau-kalau terasa nak buang tebiat menulis review melalui telefon. Hehe

Tinggal lima hari sebelum kita berpuasa. Cepat gila. Rasa macam baru beberapa bulan lepas saya menyambut Aidilfitri dengan kawan-kawan di pejabat Korporat. Sekarang sudah kembali menulis di bidang fesyen. Dua dunia yang cukup berbeza. I do miss my colleagues in Bukit Bintang. The people, the environment...

Alhamdulillah, apart from the weird 2months experience at AGNI, none of the companies I've worked for were hellish. Yes, there were sleepless nights, times when jobs were bumper to bumper (we see jobs as traffic) and I'd have crazy eyebags and all, but that's part of the working world, right?

Now, back in the writing industry, I must admit that I have started to feel the heat... the crazy scheduling, jobs coming in volumes et al. Good thing I'll soon be getting a junior writer.

This month marks my 7th year in the working world. Can't believe it's been that long since I left university. Doing Masters has taken a back seat for the moment. I have commitments now (god, commitments. I am old!).

Hutang, something I once told myself never to be burdened with, but let's get real -- getting a good education, decent home and comfy traveling means without loans would be awesome but almost impossible for an average Jane like me. Unless I stretch every penny, save, and only get those things at the age of, er, 60 maybe? Can't have your cake and eat it too, right? Ptptn during diploma, and now my housing loan. Soon a car would be added to the list.. Hutang dewasa, they say.

Back in 2008, I consulted a friend about committing to a house, if it was wise to do so (at that time my pay was barely legible for a loan of the asked amount). She said an asset is not a burden, and that if I refuse to even consider a car or house now, I would find myself renting a house and still taking the train to work at 40. Ok, that was scary projection, so I took the plunge. So far, I've restrained myself from adding any more loans, and have not succumbed to the lure of credit cards. Let's hope it stays that way. 

Looks like the coming raya will require me to get a sofa and perhaps a carpet or two. Yep, I've gotten away with no furniture and curtains for the past few months. You read it right, no curtains. Hehe. Good thing I'm not an exhibitionist heh.   

Enough babble for now. My train will be arriving @PJ in about 7 minutes or so. Let's hope I have time to write about the concert.

Y'all have a good week, aiight. Love love.

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Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Tulis la review tu Azyze, boleh juga dikongsi pengalaman tu dgn orang yang tak pergi mcm SM ni.

azyze said...

hahhaaha insyaallah. kalau berkesempatan. Thanks for still dropping by blog ni :)

Dewajiwa said...

nak beli aset pada masa depan semestinya akan bertambah lebih leceh dan mencekik urat saraf. it's good to read when a wise decision was made untuk sesuatu yang dewasa macam nie. untuk seorang pure traveller, travel is a means to an end. had a home for coming to is -- everything to die for. and, had one on your very own, the feeling is worthless.

Selamat Berpuasa.

azyze said...

thank you for your kind comments. it's true, makin lama, makin selesa dengan ruang sendiri. pulang ke rumah emak memang dinanti sebab ada keluarga, tai hati saya kini sudah melabel rumah sendiri sebagai comfort zone saya.
selamat berpuasa juga :)