Lean, toned and wacked

Monday, June 18, 2012

The mind couldn't justify a lotta things.

It baffles me yet again, how someone as crazy as Jodi is marrying someone as silent and blank as Wan. But then again they say the most silent are often the kinkiest so... hahahaha!

Just yesterday I saw a man pushing a cartful of junk. He was wearing a blue runner's shorts, a tattered red shirt and he looked very dirty. But he had the buffest arms and legs, and I could see a six-pack thru his shirt. He had strong shoulders, like those of a swimmer's, and I thought "How could this crazy-ass dude have an ultra-toned body?

Just then, he raised his hands up ala Sun Salutation and his shorts rode low. I could not believe my eyes when I saw his man-cleavage! You know, those V thingies ultra-toned guys have on their lower tummy when they're really lean. Fffffffffuuuuuuuu apakah?

Two seconds later I tore my eyes away because I was starting to feel like a pervert. Apakah mengusha abs mamat homeless korek sampah? I am so wacked and gile pervy.

I guess The Man has his ways of balancing out things, you know. A guy could be filthy rich but look like his mom had him in CHernobyl, while a crazy man gets the body of a demi-god. We can't all be perfect, right.

But still,
it baffles my mind.

Wait, does the fact that I'm still thinking about it makes me a perv? *shudders*

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