Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ever had a hangover without actually having one? No? I tell you, its not pretty, especially since you know you can't possibly have a hangover if u dont drink and most definitely did not take any alcohol, drugs or the sorts the night before, yet you feel shitty as hell.

I'm am typing this in the train, still feeling a little lightheaded. Pardon any inconsistent ramblings, if any.

Anyway, I went to bed pretty happy and chillax last night. I have no idea how things could screw up as it did this morning:

1. Woke up with the worst headache, and sneezing like nobody's business

2. Realized that I was late

3. Went on autopilot mode. Barely noticed myself showering, putting clothes on, switching lights off etc

4. Saw reflection in the mirror, nose looks like Rudolf. Whatever, I was feeling shitty so didn't bother with makeup.

5. Walked to the commuter station, feeling awful but at least it's Friday.  

6. Realized that its actually Wednesday, and that I have jeans on. Eff it!

7. Train got delayed for the longest time!

8. Went to wait for a cab instead, and none wanted to go to Pj.

9. Eff it, went back in and saw that train is moving again. Got on one, slow but ok lah

10. Just realized that I look like a wreck. I hope my shyness is uber enough to pass as stylish

Am almost in pj, but I'm so late, I'm sure my time off is now a half day.

Wacked. Just wacked.

Please excuse me now, I gotta wipe off my snot.

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