I want everyhing

Friday, May 11, 2012

I want to hold you closer
Can I?

Hold you in my arms,
I wish our body melds, so I can feel your heart beat against mine
Separated by mere skin, flesh, ribs, mush
Not a breath away
Not a moment to soon
I know we beat as one

Let me enjoy this moment
May I?

I do not own you
and you move farther and farther away
It is impossible
I am trapped in a sphere of blinding admiration for you
while you,
in your own world of demons that rears their heads and feeds off your soul

everyday is a battle for you
and everyday as i count down the seconds
everyday is a battle for me, to be by your side
without you ever knowing it

you don't want what I have to give
so I'll stay in the shadows
and be your guiding light when you need a helping hand
or a shoulder to cry on

I will be whatever you want me to be
I must

But for now,
will you just rest your head on my shoulder,
and let me hold you closer, ever

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