Bad for me

Sunday, May 06, 2012

He stood in front of me, his cigarette smoke swirling up, above his head, misting and vanishing into the black night.

His eyes followed my every movement. Even the slightest move. I begun to feel awkward.

He had something to say. I knew he did, eventhough we had been standing there, staring at each other for almost 5 minutes without saying a word.

"Why are you here?" I asked, shifting my legs about. I was getting more nervous as the seconds go.

"Why not?" he said, breathing in nicotine. " I want to be here."

He was making it difficult for me, on purpose. He could have just told me his intentions, but no, he had to drag the uncomfortable situation. To torture me, perhaps.

"Why do you ask me to come meet you here?" I implored.

He kept his silence. His eyes squinted for a while, then it went back to assessing me. I could feel him seeping through my pores. His gaze left a hot trail, from my eyes to my lips, to my body, and all the way down to my feet.

It was most awkward. Most uncomfortable.

Yet I wanted to be there. I knew I had to be there. I need be there, in his scrutiny and silent critics.

He dragged a deep breath of smoke, then in a flash grounded his cigarette on the road. Three fast long strides took him right in front of me, and to my surprise, he cupped my face with his hands and said

"I'm a bad man.

But, I like you. I know that if I were given the chance to be close to you, I would fall for you."

I was speechless.
There, he said it.
Dreaded it but at the same time I felt elated. Maybe it is happening...

"Elle," he said.. his voice barely audible.


He said no more
for god decided to intervene, and woke me up from my dream.


My name starts with M said...

hahhahah dem
aku dah berbunga2 baca

azyze said...

well, it could have happened in real life... on a different level :P