Monday, April 16, 2012

It's been a busy but weak weekend.

I've started sorting out one pile of clothes+books at the foot of my bed. Started with that particular pile because it's the lesser of two. I have this huggggeeeeee pile of stuff, which to untrained eyes might be a nuclear explosion of clothes in a corner of the room, but is in fact a few boxes of book filled Toyogos stacked on one another, and tactfully 'decorated' with clothes that are only 1/3 used on a weekly basis. And yes, the books have been buried for more than 2 years, so once I get them out, I'll have to decide on either 1. throwing them out (menangis! walaupun text books), 2. sell em off (tak relevan dah kot) or 3. Keep for old time sakes (major hoarder issues). Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

I've been scolding myself for not clearing up the piles (hahaha bunyi macam buasir) of stuff before this because as you all know, untouched stuff tends to gather dust, and since I have a few errrr, untouched stuff in the room, everytime I gather some stuff, dust would start to cloud! And with dust comes my crazy sneezing, swollen face and itchiness that is just, crazy, man.

I am allergic to dust, so for 2 days in a row I have had to wear long pants and long sleeved t-shirts while cleaning up the room (well, part of the room). That doesn't stop my face and neck from getting itchy and red. Sigh... this week I might need a radioactive suit on :P

Padan muka, sapa suruh malas sangat before this!

To make things worse,
I had a time out Saturday night, washed my itchy face, spread a few revitalizing facial pads on my face and laid down on the floor. About a minute into the rest, I thought it would be good if I could do some weights for my arms (arrgghhh gila flabby now, but that's another story altogether). Since my eyes were veiled by the pads, I asked Fina to get them for me.

Yes, these weights.
She came with the 1kg weights, telling me how heavy they were, even filled with water, and passed one to me. Arms outstretched, I took one dumbell in my right hand, and somehow,
by some rotten luck, as Fina was passing the other dumbell to me, she accidentally dropped it-

yes, freakin' dropped the dumbell, from her standing position, straight onto my abdomen!

Sakit weh! It fell with such impact that I was senak for quite a while.

It's been two days now, and the pain is still there. No bruises, but that's even more alarming because I can clearly feel the pain. Could be internal bruising / injury. The dumbell fell about one inch under my right breast so that could be either parts of my liver or my stomach.

I'll wait a few more days. If the pain persists, sigh, I will have to go and have meself checked.

Two weeks to go until May and I am racing against time to complete the house (mostly on my own) and move out. Holy guacamoly, it really is crunch time.

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