Monday, April 09, 2012

Last year was the year of changes, and believe it or not this year is another crazy year... this year is the year of timelines!

May timelines are looming by (gasp!), and then there are a few August timelines... homaigad it's like I've been laxing all these years, and all the things I need to achieve in the span of 7 years has been crammed into one freakin year!

I've taken late bloomer to another level, y'all...


BoTak said...

although i dont know that in your mind when you write this post, but i really wish that you are happy what ever you do.. ahahahah..

azyze said...

Wei, tak sangka jumpa ko kat sini! hahaha. yeah thank you for the wish. skang ni aku takde masa sangat nak menulis panjang2 macam dulu, but soon, insyaallah.

ko ape cer? hoe you are happy in whatever you are doing too :)