Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Bila tukar jadi 30?" tanya dia sambil menghirup kopi pekat.

"May karang. Lagi 30 hari dari sekarang," jawab saya, memandang kepulan asap yang menerawang dari meja sebelah. Tangan pantas mengibas hindar asap. Baru syampoo rambut ni, weh.

"Tak lama lagi. Dah plan bila nak kawen?"

Saya jungkit kening. Rasa macam jungkit sebelah tapi mungkin dua-dua naik dan menyebabkan dahi bergaris-garis sebab saya memang tak pernah reti pun jungkit kening sebelah macam The Rock tu.

"Kawen ape kalau boyfriend pun takde. Man-man ah. Banyak benda aku nak settle ni.Keje, rumah, kete..."

Muka dia stoic. Sekali pandang macam tak nampak pun dia bercakap. Tapi kalau duduk dekat, korang dengar la bebelan dia. Dah macam makcik tua dah. tak sama langsung dengan perwatakan lelaki cool 30 tahun yang bawak kereta Mini yang gila stylo.

"Aku yang entah hapa-hapa ni pun dah nak kawen dah hujung tahun ni. Ko jangan lambat sangat weh. Nanti susah nak dapat anak."

Dahhhhhh cerita anak pulak! Tebiat ke hape lelaki ni?

"I'm only going 30, dude. Relax lah. Like Jay-Z said, 30s is the new 20s." saya senyum sinis sambil gelak sikit-sikit.

Kali ini wajahnya ditoleh tepat ke arah saya. "Tapi Jay-Z ada Beyonce, bongok. Kau ada sapa? Tu ha, even Zahida Rafik ada Shafie Afdal."

Siot betul. Samakan aku dengan Zahida Rafik?!

*Tak tau nak rasa flattered pasal disamakan dengan artis atau nak rasa jijik pasal disamakan dengan artis*

Jailhouse Rock

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nampaknya cuaca dah nak mula panas semula. Malam semalam, walaupun hujan tapi bahangnya makkkkk aiiiiiiii. Dari t-shirt dan selaur panjang, ke seluar pendek, ke singlet dan seluar pendek, sampai fed-up saya tukar terus pakai dres tido satinyang kengkonon nipis jadi tak lah berpeluh teruk.


Pagi tadi bangun dengan rambut basah, belakang baju basah, muka berpeluh dan perangai yang cranky gila pasal tak tidur lena.

Syabas bette. Bila masa biologi diri jadi macam penguin pun saya tak tau.

Pan Pan

Hampir tiap-tiap minggu ke Pavilion. Setelah setahun lebih, minggu lepas baru berjaya cuba makan Pan Mee di Food Republic.

Fuiyo, sedapnya!

Pan Mee kering dengan ketulan ayam kari dan sup kosong terasa cukup ringkas namun cukup mengenyangkan. Susah nak cari makanan cina halal yang best dan affordable. Too bad I'm leaving Bukit Bintang soon...

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Lagu petang Sabtu

Insecurity is..


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ya, anda memang tak salah baca.
Menang saya sedang mencerna novel cerita cinta gatal.


(mode bengong)

Morning shoutout

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Governor of Bank Negara is coming to the office for a meeting this morning.

Would it be okay if I walk up to her and excitedly say "Tan Sri, I am a hugggggggeeee fan of your father!" ?



Monday, April 16, 2012

It's been a busy but weak weekend.

I've started sorting out one pile of clothes+books at the foot of my bed. Started with that particular pile because it's the lesser of two. I have this huggggeeeeee pile of stuff, which to untrained eyes might be a nuclear explosion of clothes in a corner of the room, but is in fact a few boxes of book filled Toyogos stacked on one another, and tactfully 'decorated' with clothes that are only 1/3 used on a weekly basis. And yes, the books have been buried for more than 2 years, so once I get them out, I'll have to decide on either 1. throwing them out (menangis! walaupun text books), 2. sell em off (tak relevan dah kot) or 3. Keep for old time sakes (major hoarder issues). Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

I've been scolding myself for not clearing up the piles (hahaha bunyi macam buasir) of stuff before this because as you all know, untouched stuff tends to gather dust, and since I have a few errrr, untouched stuff in the room, everytime I gather some stuff, dust would start to cloud! And with dust comes my crazy sneezing, swollen face and itchiness that is just, crazy, man.

I am allergic to dust, so for 2 days in a row I have had to wear long pants and long sleeved t-shirts while cleaning up the room (well, part of the room). That doesn't stop my face and neck from getting itchy and red. Sigh... this week I might need a radioactive suit on :P

Padan muka, sapa suruh malas sangat before this!

To make things worse,
I had a time out Saturday night, washed my itchy face, spread a few revitalizing facial pads on my face and laid down on the floor. About a minute into the rest, I thought it would be good if I could do some weights for my arms (arrgghhh gila flabby now, but that's another story altogether). Since my eyes were veiled by the pads, I asked Fina to get them for me.

Yes, these weights.
She came with the 1kg weights, telling me how heavy they were, even filled with water, and passed one to me. Arms outstretched, I took one dumbell in my right hand, and somehow,
by some rotten luck, as Fina was passing the other dumbell to me, she accidentally dropped it-

yes, freakin' dropped the dumbell, from her standing position, straight onto my abdomen!

Sakit weh! It fell with such impact that I was senak for quite a while.

It's been two days now, and the pain is still there. No bruises, but that's even more alarming because I can clearly feel the pain. Could be internal bruising / injury. The dumbell fell about one inch under my right breast so that could be either parts of my liver or my stomach.

I'll wait a few more days. If the pain persists, sigh, I will have to go and have meself checked.

Two weeks to go until May and I am racing against time to complete the house (mostly on my own) and move out. Holy guacamoly, it really is crunch time.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nampaknya saya masih obses dengan Kerabu Su'un / Tang Hoon / Soh Hoon (sebutan bergantung pada kedai). Well, to be fair, saya memang suka su'un, tapi kerabu memang lebih best dari masakan lain hehe. Oh, kerabu ikan bilis pun best wooooo. Boleh order dua ni saja bila makan di kedai.

Bulan lepas sempat singgah ke tempat belajar di zaman muda dahulu. Lainnya... banyak yang dah berubah, rasa macam masa meninggalkan saya dengan cukup pantas. Macam dunia yang baru. Sedikit tidak selesa dengan perubahan sebab semuanya rasa asing, tapi saya terima kenyataaan. Sedangkan saya pun dah berubah banyyaaaaaakkkkkk dari zaman cekodok hangus dulu :P

Hujung bulan lepas pergi buat health check up, tapi tak cukup komprehensif. Semuanya okay, tekanan darah ok, tak ada masalah penyakit tiga serangkai ke hape ke. I just need to worjk towards my ideal weight and I'll be dandy. Tapi tang nak jadi ideal weight tu yang payah sikit nak story hahaha!

Insyaallah mid-May nak pegi buat full health check-up, siap ada yang lari-lari atas treadmill dengan pulse system segala. That would cost me a thousand plus, but takpe la, pasal Mei ni dah masuk dekad ketiga hehe.

Ini bukan gambar tipu. Makcik nasi lemak, kau hadoooo?

Finally, my lily!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I was walking through the concourse at KLCC rather fast last week, avoiding the throngs of people whilst listening to the pumping beat of Kanye West's Monster when an androgynous (but obviously male to me) person in black stopped me.

"Hi, want to try our latest perfume?" he/she / shim said, extending a sheet of white card to me.

Usually I would politely say no, thank you with a smile and walk away, but this time something stopped me in my tracks. Not the shim, but instead, a very soft yet prominent scent of Lily wafting to my nostrils. I looked around to see what product it was that Shim was promoting and saw the delicate Cartier logo stamped tastefully on the mobile unit walls. Eh, Cartier sells perfume?

"This is our latest perfume, try lah," Shim said, approaching me to spray some of the concentrated version on my wrist.

Since I was in a rush, I declined (okay, actually I hate it when promoters simply spray perfume on you without asking if you prefer a particular scent. Imagine having to live with gagging scents for a few hours... urrgghhh). I did however, took the card, thanked Shim and continued walking.

How nice, I thought, looking at the card. It was a cutout of a lily flower, so detailed down to its die-cut pistils.

I inhaled.

And stopped. Could it be?

I inhaled again. And then some more. No way!

This is like, the perfect Lily scent; the smell of a fresh Lily that I so love, perfectly replicated into a fragrance! Holy scraps, they have perfected the formula! Yay! I am in heaven!

I made a u-turn to the concourse in search of Shim. There he/she was, happy to see me and immediately launched into a promotional drill about the wonderful new fragrance that has been the rave of Hollywood. (later research showed that we got this about 8 months late, it was showcased in the US mid last year).

One thing that irked me was that these promoters, unfortunately, are not equipt with a comprehensive knowledge of the perfume / perfumes in general.

I asked what are the base notes of the perfume, Shim gave me a blur look and said "Lily." I tried explaining, what smell does it unearth after wearing the perfume for about 20 minutes, again "Bau Lily lah."

Aiiyaaaaa I tau la bau Lily but that is the top and middle note. Base note yang penting pasal that's the one that will linger with you the whole day long. Top notes takat 10-20 minutes je. Silap dia lah, he/she was talking to someone who worked within the industry :P

(My research aka google tells me that the top note captures the fresh green zest of lily leaves, middle note exudes the floral touch of the petals and its base note is the warm and powedery essense of the pistils)

Shim didn't have to convince me for long that the perfume is top notch, as even my rhinitis-laden nose could detect the smell of luxury the scent exudes. You know, alah, how the smell of cheap perfume is often a little 'tajam', masstige perfume would be a little warm yet a lil prickly at times, and then there's prestige brands that simply wraps you in a warm ember of femininity or freshness or whatever it is that the perfume is supposed to vibe off? For example, compare Avon's Wish Of Happiness perfume with Clinique's Happy and with Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess. All citrus-y scents, yet distinctively categorized. And the Baiser Vole is definately among the best top luxury scents I've ever smelled.

Now, as much as I would love to own the perfume-

I cannot fanthom paying RM469 for a 100ml bottle!!

Yes, if I'm not mistaken, that is the price. Or maybe at the mention of 'Empat ratus' je I dah blank out everything except thinking "Hot damn nigga cemana nak beli kalau mahal sangat??!!!"

Thus, I left the concourse after promising Shim that if I decide to buy the perfume, I will seek him out (for obvious commission reasons).


Balik rumah pun teringat-ingat ok!

I now have the cutout card in my gym bag, enjoying the whiff everytime I open the bag for my clothes. However, it is diminishing in time and I am telling my heart to be strong, be calm and slowly forget (hahahaha macam putus cinta ke hape je kan?)

But of course, it's easier said than done.

Will I ever own a bottle? Will I succumb to my burning desire and sacrifice almost half a thousand for a small bottle of Cartier's Baiser Vole? Jeng jeng jeng... I'll keep you updated! Hihihihi

One thing's for sure, Cartier's has indeed stolen a kiss from me, and I am forever dented...

(heh, drama!)

p/s: Baiser Vole means stolen kiss. See what I did there? Pure genius, eh? :P :p


Monday, April 09, 2012

Last year was the year of changes, and believe it or not this year is another crazy year... this year is the year of timelines!

May timelines are looming by (gasp!), and then there are a few August timelines... homaigad it's like I've been laxing all these years, and all the things I need to achieve in the span of 7 years has been crammed into one freakin year!

I've taken late bloomer to another level, y'all...

Good thing I walk to the gym from work


Monday, April 02, 2012

How do you say no to the pefect combination of the simple pleasures in life, served straight, on a a plate?

You don't.