Something in the way he moves

Monday, March 05, 2012

I didn't see this coming.

Okay, that would be a lie.
I saw it coming.
I have always fallen for his type.
I just didn't expect it to last this long.

I shouldn't have flirted with him. I knew nothing could've come out of it, because hoping that it does become something it isn't would mean asking too much out of something that isn't there. I knew nothing could happen, especially knowing his situation.

Yet that small moxy of a voice in the deepest corner of my heart decided otherwise. You just had to get your paws on him, dincha? Came out and showed your moxy side and now that he has gone back to the state he was before, you crawl back up into that hole of yours, leaving me with my feelings and conscience, to reason things out.

Oh well, not like I was serious, anyway.
Oh well, he ain't that good a catch anyway.
Hey, we're friends and will stay friends. Besides, I've always been his 'listener', right? What's new?

Yeah, thanks, heart.

Almost 30 and still none the wiser about these kinda things.
You see, being a late bloomer ain't that trip in the fields.

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