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Monday, March 26, 2012

I have been perusing websites and magazines for ideas and inspirations for the ePad when I stumbled upon a website with pictures after pictures of stunning houses with their quirky owners.

Without much word, The Selby offers a look into the den of various people of the creative kind, and although my creative streak is close to none compared to these wizards of the right brains, I can't get enough of their houses!

Perhaps I should show the website to my parents so they understand how I envision my house to be like; not the tastful new house of a bachelorette kinda setting, but; a comfortable organized mess where I live to my standards and comfort, not others.

(with the exception of presentable lah, a tamer space than the mess in my head, for sure haha)

Here are some gorgeous pictures of what my house would look like, if only it had a soul and goes through rebirth after rebirth:

(p/s: first picture is absolut j'adore! Add in ceiling to wall bookcases and I am happy for life!)
Oh, click on picture for a larger view :)

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