Inspiration Board: Keep calm and light a bonfire

Monday, March 26, 2012

Burn mafakka! Heil bonfire!

In case of a tsunami and ice blizzard (a la The Day After Tomorrow), I think I won't be able to stay alive for long. You'd probably find me dead, surrounded by my books, instead of burning them for heat.

These blokes (who for some reason are never photographed in these kinda pics) would probably fare very well for weeks if they burn their books, but I have a feeling they wouldn't hesitate to protect rather than destroy, just as much as I (my thrillers, romances and penny fictions are just as valuable as the biographies and vintages!).

We'll do it for the future generation, we will die for them!

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Dewajiwa said...

yang nombor 4 tu is just plain-awesome. cool gila. err, dalam TDAT tu memang kebetulan ada pekerja library yang peluk buku yang rare dan memang sanggup mati bersamanya. jelas di situ sampai mana tahap passionnya pada buku dan valuenya.

azyze said...

yeah kan. pastu diorang bakar buku paling bosan -- tax & law books. i remember one of the character said "the world could benefit without these" or something to that effect.