Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aktiviti baru -- panjat bukit.

Semua bermula sejak Nurul tiba-tiba mendapat seruan ke arah kesihatan. Sebagai kentang yang kental (macam saya seumur hidup dulu), dia belum bersedia untuk membunuh diri di gym, jadi saya ajak dia certain saya berbrisk walking di klcc. Alhamdulillah everything's going well and she didn't mind upping the ante by taking it to the hills.

We've been going up tarred hills, mainly those that leads to water pump houses so they're not as crazy as trails but tak lah sebosan parks. I'm so lucky that Melawati and Wangsa Maju has lotsa those so we vary our trips. But so far I must say that the awesome Jalan G Melawati hill is my favourite.

The hills are awesome. Seriously they are. They're gorgeous, they're not as crowded as the parks and they offer marvellous views that no amount of MTVing while treadmilling in the gym can compensate for. I sweat as much as I do on a 40 minute mill workout, and my pedometer would show about 5000+ steps per trip. I'm not sure if the calories burned are as much but hey, nothing beats fresh air, greens and the feeling of satisfaction once you get to the top, y'know. The gym is great but I find myself really slugging it out to achieve the last 100 calories burn, memang mcm shall-I-quit-shal-I-quit macam nak mampos. With the hills, I'm moving, I feel good, I can stop if I'm outta breath and often more than not, I will feel more energized than tired. Better sleep too.

I have to admit though, I haven't really shown much improvement. Reason: I sabotage myself all the time! I'm still pretty much the weak-willed fatass I was before, so although I do the walks and the hills, I have somehow put my guard down and selamba je makan nasi. Apakah?

So I'm starting again today, no rice diet, and noodles pun only for breakfast so I don't sambal crave and crash. I've also started doing tricep curls (albeit using the lightest weight haha), with 25-30-35 reps daily. Makkkk aiiii sakit gile! Once the reps feel easy and dah tak gigil I'll move on to the 3+ kg weights lah. Right now I don't wanna burn bright coz nanti cepat jadi abu and I'd spiral back down.

Will I be able to achieve my goal by May? I don't know. But at least the triumph I felt upon reaching the hilltops provides me the drive.

Nak join naik bukit? :)

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My name starts with M said...

aku rasa aku penah panjat bukit jalan G tu skali.. dgn Fariza.. dia relax je, aku yg tercungap2 sampai nak pengsan hahaha..

azyze said...

hhhahahah. Aku still berhenti gak la 2-3 kali before naik to the top, but seriously, memang a good refreshing workout. But tak la jog all the way. Jog sikit2 je. The rest brisk walk lah.