I Am Woman

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I am a woman of curves
Lush and warm
Rich and strong
Tall and true
To the rhythm of my soul

I am a woman of sensuousness
Hands that caress
Legs that wrap
A back that arches to the high heaven
And touch that blooms even the coldest of hearts

I am a confident confidante
Not fidgeted by my flaws
I embrace the uncertainties of life
I chew on the bitter twigs of disappointments
And rise with the nectar of god's possibilities

I am a woman of dreams
Spreading rays of peaceful auroras
Moving mountains with my pen
Changing the landscape of my youth
With wisdom, courage and a willingness to fail

Embrace my curves, my sensuality
My confidence, my dreams
Don't shy away when I speak my mind
Don’t be dwarfed by my outspokenness
Be strong
For the man that deserves me
Is one that never backs down
Who stands in the eye of the storm
Ready to teach me out of my stubbornness
Ready to guide me through a journey that betwixt a million

Be that man
And I will be
A woman, forever yours.

- 12.00pm, 17 August 2011

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