Deklarasi 1

Sunday, December 04, 2011

It's Sunday and tomorrow it will be Monday.
Useless fact, I know. Haha.
This blog is full of useless, random facts. Some about me, some about you, some about the world in general.
But I think, the best pasrt of it, is making you stumble in your read as you trip over the typos. It makes you think, doesn't it? You could be thinking, peh ntah pape minah ni, tak buat spell check ke before upload? or you could assume that I am not as 'intelligent' and hip as I portray myself to be pasal tolong lah babe, ko punya typo macam taik ok!
yeah yeah.
Assume all you want.
Akak memang ratu typo :)
I tak kesah pun.
Yang I kesah adalah kesudian uols lepak sini once in a while.
Thanks readers!
Muah muah :D


Dewajiwa said...

heheh. "pasrt" tu mesti disengajakan kan? mesti..

btw, keep on writing.

azyze said...

pandai pun!

selamat hujung tahun dan selamat bakal awal tahun, kamu :)