Before 30

Friday, December 30, 2011

I am turning 30 on May 20th, 2012.

Yes, it is a little too late to be making a list of things to do in merely 5 and a half months but I’ve just freakin’ realized that I will soon be at a cornerstone of my life hahah

Looking back, I guess I did some of the things people in their teens and young adults did:

  • devil may care haircuts (I had shags, lion mane, shaved sides when I was 15, unkempt, tight perms),

  • fashion disasters (orang trackpants, those jamaikan cotton tops),

  • indulgences (my hugeeeee collection of cetrom CDs back during my pennyless period),

  • knacks (hantu kuaci for the longest time)
but to me these things were just me, the were not things I did simply to walk on the 'wild' side, they were just part of growing up. Now that I am so close to another momentous date in my life, I find that although I did do a few things unimaginable to some, I have not done most others.

I have always more or less been the law abiding citizen and the goody two shoes at home. I've never gotten a speeding ticket or thrown in jail, I've never flunked a paper and I definitely have never flashed my boobs, not even anonymously on the net :p

Although I will most probably still not flash my boobs on cam, ever, I am contemplating on finishing some of the things I have always wanted to do but never attempted, or have forgotten to do along the course of life.

This isn't really a last minute thing because I actually do have a mental note list of some sorts, just never physically listed them out. This is a good time to do so, before I turn senile hehhe.

Now, essentially it would be good to have 30 things to complete before I'm 30, but I'll settle for these, especially seing that I have achieved some of them. If I can complete at least half by mid-Feb, I'll add other more to the list.

My list of things to do before I turn 30:

1.Own a property ACHIEVED!
I put the down payment for my house three years ago. It was an on the spot thing. When it comes to serious life decisions, I always believe in gut instinct. Alhamdulillah.

2. Live alone
After months of delay, I will most probably be able to complete the minor renovation on my condo by end of January. Hoping to move out by March 2012. I'm thrilled to be living alone. Bloody old to bunking at parent's house, anyway. Exciteddd!

3. Lose 10 kilos (from June weigh in) by 30 December 2011 ACHIEVED!

4. Lose at least another 10 kilos
Why is this so hardddddd to do now? Sigh. But I did 10 kilos within the span of 6 months, so with strict diet and hard work, I'm sure I can. Now if only my nafsu is not as big as my ambition... hahahaha! Must. Resist. Temptation!

5. Get one last 'unique' haircut
Okay, initially I wrote 'radical haircut' but I had to change it after a talk with the boss during my year end assessment. My very corporate environment doesn't allow funky cuts. Attempting so would be career suicide. Tak sesuaiiiii. Sigh. So it's an unconventional but still acceptable haircut lah.

6. Go on a blind date ACHIEVED!
I consider this a biggggg feat because it also happened to be my first meet with an online acquaintance! Hahahaahaha hambik ko. Yes, me, Miss I Never Meet People From The Virtual World got irked so much one day and thought, oh what the heck. Let's just wing it!

Nothing came out of it, but I am awed at the fact that it wasn't that hard lah. I am still vulnerable in certain aspects of it, but I proved to myself that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it, even meeting strangers hahahaahah

7. Play 5 new complete songs by heart on the guitar
I need to dust off my guitar. Kesian dia..... First song will be Lover You Should Have Come Over by Jeff Buckley. Hoyeah.

8. Cross the 50 mark of AFI's 100 top ten movies
I'm at 23 so far. Another 27 to go. hup hup hup!

9.Volunteer at least 5 times
I'm planning to volunteer at soup kitchens around KL. There's alos shelters and some other places I could go to. Enriching the soul, they say :)

10. Spend one night under the stars
I've done this before, it was awesome and I look forward to do this again. Gives me the perfect excuse to go camping again heheh

11.Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise
This co-relates with point 10 :D

12. Try a Vegan diet for one week
Tried to complete this this week and gagal besar, beb! Hahahahah!
Vegan is so hard to do because apart from animals, you have to also refrain from dairy, egg and produces. So say I want to eat cereal, I can't take it with milk, kena substitute with soy milk. Such a hassle, but if it's easy, it wouldn't be in this list, would it?

13. Buy something expensive that I don’t need ACHIEVED!
Bought a Nikon DSLR in 2009. Lost it early this year. Sighhhhh...

14. Meet at least 5 friends I have not spend much time with for the past 5 years or so
I should've made this my year end resolution, but unfortunately I've been very busy. So carrying this forward in my 30 before 30 list heheehe

15. Go to dinner (or lunch) and a movie by myself
Soon! This can be achieved easily. I just need to find a perfect day to be 'independent' heheh

16. Finish The Devil Wears Prada
No, really! I have only failed to finish 2 books in my life: The Devil Wears Prada and Wuthering Heights. Such whiny books! I don't think I can do wuthering Heights, but I can weather thru Devil Wears Prada. Chayok!

17. Reach's 1000th post
A big feat considering I don't make regular posts here. And since I can't really commit to writing lenghty posts here, I have started my Lagu Petang Sabtu & Ahad posts to fill in the, er, gaps. And since I've been writing more and more lyrics and poems of late, why not include them? Cheating, perhaps, but who said anything about rules? Hihi!

How's that for resolutions, eh? *Big grin*

Happy new year, sweets!


My name starts with M said...

ko beli umah kat mane Ell? yeaaa nnt ada housewarming yeaaaa

nway terrornye no 6!! aku masih x penah.. mungkin bole letak dlm list gak (hahaha tgk seme org ada list, aku nak ada gak :P)

azyze said...

Oh, tak la jauh mana... about 20 minutes drive form Melawati je. And tak lah segrand some of our friends. takde infinity pool sume eh hehehe

No. 6 tu berlaku dalam fasa ah what the heck I got nothing to lose. Sekarang ni aku dah kembali semula ke fasa insecure aku hahaha. But yeah, bila dah buat rasa macam biasa je, but not smtg I will indulge on lah. Didn't find anything awesome abt it except that I managed to break one of my steadfast rule.Things changes in life :)