Busy ballin'

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I am freakin' busy.

No, seriously.

I'm dropping a note here to seal a commitment - I just started gymming again.

Sothis is here as a reminder and a flag of sorts. If I fail to change and stick to a healthier regimen, this entry will mock me for life.


Oh, another thing,

amidst my gymming / exercising / interest in buying a foldable bike so I can ride em to & fro the train stations - work (ye, memang aku dah gile), I have somehow abandoned this blog and my attempt at joining Nanowrimo this year. Biggie fail.

Hot damn nigga, you sexy beast, you!

I will try to post something of substance soon, most probably a few album reviews. Want old albums or new albums? We'll see lah apa yang sempat gua capai. Album lama pun kalau worthy apa salahnya kan?

You guys have a good week ahead.
Much love, people!

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