Janie Ada Sepucuk Pistol

Monday, October 10, 2011

Life's been very very very hectic the past few weeks.
Things went a lot crazier last week.
I was tempted to bang my head on my desk a few times, but good thing I prevailed. Heheh.

My personal life took a turn too.. well, more like a small bend, but still, it's something new and nowadays I find myself counting on new things to perk me up. I'm making it a mission to do something new every week. Those metal CDs u see me listening to on the right bar of this blog, yup, new ear candies. Although I must say, they're not exactly that sweet to the ears. Too much jazz and pop has mellowed me down, or perhaps I have only been listening to commercial metals like Metallica and Rammstein. Time to up my game and start experimenting again.

Learned a few things about myself too:

  1. After making a gazillion calls to the UK, I now know that I have a pretty 'unique, kinda weird American-tinted' accent. All this while, I thought I sound like the typical Malaysian. Not Kelantanese / Kedah pekat kinda Manglish, but you know, average Jane from KL kinda English. Oh well.

  2. No amount of Mock The Week or Frankie Boyle stand-up dvds could save me from going "what's that again?" when speaking to Scots. I had to really really listen to understand. Best thing was, when I spoke back in my normal slang, they went 'huh' too. Had to put up a fake British accent for them to understand. From there on, they started spewing slangs like I was born on the highlands hahahaa! "Och luv, I'll be miffed if you don't. One moment, I'll be back in a jiffy, swear on me Da's grave I will!"

  3. I managed to pull off things I never knew I could before. Despite my supposedly high confidence level (pfffttt!), I could be quite insecure sometimes. Insecure, unsure, always second guessing myself, so it's good to know that when I put my mind to it, concentrate and give it my 100% 'oh what the eff let's just get it over and done with', I could actually execute pretty extraordinary stuff. Hehe. Cheers to miss fearless me haha

  4. I'm still pretty much scared of IT. Read the book for the hundredth time, so that's kinda helping me with my Pennywise issue. However, I was not ready yesterday when I stumbled upon the IT dvd at Wangsa Walk. Shite, the sight of Pennywise grinning on the cover gave me the bajeebies! I mean, instant goosebumps and I felt like crying right there and then. This clown phobia is getting worse by the day and I need to do something about it soon. I didn't buy the DVD though, it was going for cheap but urrgghhh, I couldn't make myself hold the dvd pun. I think I'd have to ask my sister to purchase it for me. And this time, no horror movie session at night like we always do. IT has to be seen during the day, with the curtains drawn back, and perhaps with the doors open as well. But then again, I might bawl my eyes out or go hysterical, so I should probably consider a straightjacket as well. I really really hope I'll be able to face my coulrophobia. Damn you Pennywise, I will conquer this dastardly effect you have on me, I swear I will!

I have a bucketful of things to write about here, but so little time to get things organized enough for an entry. Soon though. I promise :)

Have a good week, minions!


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azyze said...

articles hero:
i don't really know how to respond to this, because the're nothing amgnificent about this blog, haha.

Are you a spambot?

Heh. Thanks for dropping by :)