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Sunday, August 14, 2011

So I was walking around in one of the hypermarkets today, buying things to cook for buka puasa.

There was this lady, sweet looking 40ish year old lady, wearing baju kurung with a proper bawal tudung, sifting through the pile of pathetic looking lemongrass right next to me.

She said "Sekarang ni nak cari benda yang segar susah kan?"

I nodded and smiled. "Ak'ah."

She continued "Akak kan, selalunya ambik serai belakang rumah je, tapi suami akak dah tebang semua serai akak. Dia kata dia tak kenal yang mana serai yang mana rumput hihihhiihihi!"

That was kinda funny so I laughed with her. "Lelaki, kak. Biasa la."

The sweet kakak went on to describe her kids to me, how her five and seven year olds are her joy, how she doesn't understand abortion and abandonment of kids, and how she cherishes her kids so much she'd die for them in a second.

She sounded like the sweetest, most awesomest mother for the 5 minutes we talked


her kids came runing towards her with a trolley.

"Berapa kali ibu nak kata jangan lari lari. Ni ibu nak kata LANCAU NI-

I exited the area pronto.


roxychick said...


azyze said...

aku pun terkedu dowh. Even I yang nyah pape ni pun don't use lancau. Gile pailang btol akak tu hahahhhah

school of thoughts said...

arkk... ok... that's harsh. takutnya... sila jauhkan itu dari saya...

azyze said...

kan. aku pun mcm whoooaaaaaaaaa dude!