Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After a drought,
I'm once again flooded with wonderful 'dreams', night by night.

I would rise up all ready, perky and happy. Deliriously singing-in-the-train kinda happy.
By 4pm, I'd be struggling not to fall asleep, bacause believe it or not, my wonderful dreams are very very tiring. It's such a rush of crazy psygedelic lingo that seeps away my strength. It's so intense I might as well be awake thru the whole thing instead of 'resting'.

But I'm not complaining.

Thank you god. Thank you, special someone.

Looking forward to more dreaming gigs with you.

ps: The days of going more than 36 hours without sleep is officially over. I feel like a decrepit 70 year old that needs to hibernate, or suffer from hallucinations. Zombi gile.


roxychick said...

grrr! ko mainkan perasaan pembaca nampaknya! siapa special one tu? siapa? mourinho kah? haha.

you better babe... kang mak sentap kang.. :P

azyze said...

ala takde mende pun nak cerita. Rasa sekarang adalah thrill macam naik Solero Shot kat Genting. Masa naik tu memamng best gile berdebar, gembira, menjerit-jerit dan nak terkencing.
A month after that, dah tak rasa apa dah.Lagipun 'mimpi' kan mainan je. Nothing tangible, nothing real.

mizzyN said...

Aku benci cakap ngan ko sbb ko terlalu merendah diri dan mendownplay sesuatu cerita itu. Maka cepat cepat spilll

azyze said...

nadh sayangku,
ko macam tak kenal je aku :)