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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Albeit looking cheerful in the office, I was really feeling down last week. No appetite, feeling awfully shitty and just, well, brokenhearted.

(Tapi I kan pandai berlakon haha)

Without really explaining to anyone, I'd somehow managed to send some signals to my beloved Vouchers of my predicament, sebab out of nowhere they all started calling me up and ask me what's wrong etc. At that time I didn't feel like (couldn't bring myself to, actually) talking to anybody so I kept quiet and kept replies to a minimum. Safe to say, my Vouchers didn't really knew what was going on.

But they cared.

Monday afternoon came this beautiful bouquet of roses and sunflowers! Such an amazing surprise, babes! Memang aku tak jangka langsung and I'm really-really touched.

Thru thick n thin, happiness and heartaches, korang tetap ada right next to me, if not physically then spiritually lah.

Big hugs sayang-sayangku.
May our friendship stay as beautiful till the end of our lives.

I love you guys so much!
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