I'll let Herr Hitler say it-

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've been an asshole.

I guess I'm still pretty much an asshole, but even the asshole me couldn't comprehend the outbrst of crappy emotions I had a few weeks back.

Apasal ntah, melankoli tak tentu pasal. I think it's the turning 29 thingy, you know. A mere 365 to the big three-oh. Tu yang tak pasal-pasal mid-life crisis. I don't think I'll survive being 60 so rasanya 29 is a good mmid-life crisis benchmark for me. But if the miserable past few weeks were my mid-life crisis, I can't imagine how sick my meltdown will be like. I mean, we're all allowed at least one meltdown per life, right? And no, I don't mean sick as in cool or awesome, but mentally deranged, dangerous knife-weilding chick kinda sick. Or maybe comatose kinda sick. That's also possible, and perhaps preferable over killing people, eh? Although being a vegetable is not really that apppealing either...

here's an open apology to all of my readers (yes, all 5 of you, i think lol), I'm sorry I bored you to death with shitty PMS-toned entries.

I can already feel the old me coursing back in my veins so here's to a better year ahead. Yeah!

p/s: reading Mein Kampf is really confusing the hell outta me. It's a really good read but sometimes I just wanna sock Hitler for writing such crazy-ass long windered nothingness that, after a few rereads, starts to make me wonder if there's actually some kinda secret message hiding in those words of his that has yet to be cracked.... illluminati conspiracy theory much?

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