Kolaj hidup gua semenjak hari itu...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Accidentally clicking the Windows icon is driving me crazy.

I miss pressing Apple+ _______ (insert shortcut key here).

Wanted to buy a pair for meself, unfortunately they don't have any in size You-Wish!

The interior decor of Tajine Restaurant, Bukit Bintang is simply breathtaking. I'd love to get my hands on that suede-embossed wallpaper...

Just realized that this dude on my old and beaten tea flask looks eerily like Ritchie Rachman. The fact that I know Ritchie Rachman is proof that I am as decrepit as I feel *huhu*

The best milky, rich grean tea chocolate I've tasted, ever! Granted, it is a tad sweeter than I like, but it's not too bitter so friends can tolerate the taste. Nothing like sharing good stuff with the ones you love :)

Nasi Lemak Kukus Fullamak kat Taman Mesra, Kajang.Seriously terbaek. Pictured here, lauk sambal sotong & paru. If you're in the area, make sure you check out this stall, they serve delicious nasi lemak and mee/bihun sup. Yum!

(I'm off nasi again, so this is pure torture!)

My new office looks like a gallery. My first day, I was dumbfounded by the amazing pieces, hanging silently, a wealth of life experiences on canvases. I now dedicate 5 minutes to admiring them, a piece each day.

One of my favourite paintings. Freakin' delightful.

Buble was amazing! It's been a month since his concert @ Stadium Malawati Shah Alam, but I still the rush & high whenever I listen to his album on my ipod. Feels like I'm transported back to my very-very-far-from-stage- but-nonetheless-awesome seat. One of the best concerts, most def!

Heels are now a staple @ work. Serves me right, itu lah, dulu I used to be so high and mighty about my being able to go to work in sneakers. Now I can't even wear cute, funky tops. Corporate rat sangat.


My name starts with M said...

nice heels!

eh, apa rasa green tea choc tu? tak penah rasa.. and beli kat mana?

azyze said...

thanks babe :)
coklat green tea tu brand Meiji, you should be able to get it at Isetan. Ataupun memana pasar jepun lah. kat 100yen I'm not sure...

aku beli kat ikano masa diorang buat Japanese fair. murah je, tak sampai 5-hengget pun.

Hazrey said...

YES i am a pervert. damn me. i thought the third picture is a thong. damn me. i leave now.

azyze said...

huh? *blink*