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Monday, April 18, 2011

During my university days, I was a strong supporter of the cetrom movement at Petaling Street. No, not the famous Petaling Street project... this was more like, a side project that benefited many of the 'opressed' sellers of PS. Yes, we are talking about the pirates of PS. I'm not really proud of my illegal activities, but back then I was a student with a non-existant budget for music, and working as a radio DJ at my university, we were encouraged to have vast knowledge on the spectrum of artistes across genres. So the next best thing, apart form downloading stuff were encik-encik cetrom. I did however had a conduct -- buy only international artistes' albums; they're filthy rich already, hehe.

When I started working, I pledged to put aside a budget for one local CD per month, it was my way of 'giving back' and 'washing away my sins' of sorts lah. That happened for a few months before I ran out of good acts to purchase. So I started collecting old albums of my fvourite artistes: M. Nasir, Sheila Majid...

It has been a long time since I bought any new album. The last ones were Faizal Tahir's and Hujan's debut albums (how long ago was that?).

Thankfully, a new singer got me excited about CD hunting again --Najwa's debut album, Innocent Soul.

After 2 unsuccessful scouts, I finally managed to purchase the album at Pavilion. It's currently spinning and I really dig her tunes.

I'll need to listen a lil' bit more, but will try to do a review of the album soon. See ya in a little while!

*take off shoes & relax*


My name starts with M said...

please do! i read somewhere that if you bought Yuna, uve got to buy Najwa's as well. Hehe.

Aku baru beli Yuna's Decorate a month ago.. sgt suke!!!

dewajiwa said...

the last time i bought a music CD; 1999 (Family Day - local underground band compilation album). as after that, the digital cetrom were here to stay. and until now, i'm still waiting the invitation - to buy a CD. this Najwa's perhaps?

azyze said...

not necessarily. Najwa's album is refined and planned, Yuna is more 'raw with emotions' kinda album. Imagine the difference between No Black Tie & CM Annexe.Dua2 berbeza tapi best :)
Kalau ko layan LiveLounge or artistes macam Maxwell & Erykah Badu then you'll like this one (cuma ni tak segempak diorang la).

if you're into soul then this might be it. Not as polished as Maliq & The Essentials, but getting there. I think she's better than Noreen Aziz, but that's just me.