Kaaau, terlalu istimewaaaaa

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I think I shrunk lost two dress sizes overnight.

Bought a shirt for work last week. Tried it in the dressing room, it wasn't amazing but it was alright. A little 'bloomy' at the bottom but the shoulders were alright and it wasn't too tight at the bosom, which is perfect for my very corporate office.

This morning,
put it on at 650am and it didn't feel as 'full' as before. Aikkk....

Went down, combed my hair and still felt funny. Mak mentioned that the shirt looked a little too big. Huh?

Too late to iron another shirt, so I thought what the heck, besar sikit apa salahnya.
I hope it's not too ill-fitting.

Took the train at Wangsa Maju, disembarked at Ampang Park. Took the escalator up. Walked out of the station, saw my reflection.

Oh, it was ill-fitting, alright. Shoulders were saggy, bosom area almost nonexistant, the usually prominent rump looks swallowed by the extra large back panel.

In short, I looked like I borrowed one of Adibah Noor's kemeja akak-akak 40an.


Mono said...

skipping a lot of meals lately?
or maybe it's THE result of your morning/afterwork exercise?

azyze said...

nahhh.. been eating stuff to my heart's content ade lah. but since joining the new place, munching habit has stopped. Maybe that's it kot...not!

Ahah, since you know about my walks to/fro office, then you're obviously someone I know. Care to introduce yourself?

Mono said...

err..i don't think you knew me so.
i'm from JB and i can guarantee we never met or know each other. saya ada baca few entries before and i make the assumption from there i guess. i'm not a stalker btw. no worries =P

since we talk, i just want to say you're one good writer of sensible thought(s). teruskan ye, saya suka datang sini membaca walaupun tak komen. kudos ;-)

azyze said...

oh, okay. i forgot that i DID WROTE about that before. Hahah, I'm such an absent minded old coot, haha

thanks for the compliment. I'm kinda awkward about this because I usually write whatever that comes to mind and I don't really saturize them. So kiranya, okay lah kepala hotak saya ni, hmmm?

Feel free to lepak here anytime you want. Tapi kalau baca archive2 lama tu, I can't assure you taht the old posts makes much sense ;)