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Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you know me personally, you'd know that I read comics, or rather, used to read comics religiously. I've now disengaged myself from most of the stuff I used to pour over, now moving on to more adult/heavy comics. But I still try to follow some favourites like the X-Men extensions, The JLAs (Justice League of America) and Spiderman.

With comics, the characters evolve undeterminedly, most of them creating unexpected twists to the superheroes or anti-heroes we already know. More often than not, these transformations promote healthy debates and start clans/sub-followers, all in good sport. So transformation in comics is nothing new.

However, not all transformations are that appealing.

One of the franchises that I have slowly lose faith in is Superman.

My hero.

I remember being a big fan of Christopher Reeve's Superman. Maybe I was too young, but back then he embodied everything the comic Superman was to me. I fell in love with the bumbling nerd from a small rural town, his confident superpowered alter-ego (or the other way round!) and his relationship with Lois Lane.

Cheeky, sexy Clark Kent.

When Superman went to the small screen with Dean Cain, it was, well, okay. Dean Cain was charming and he really added a new dimension to Clark Kent / Superman, plus, his banters with Lois & Chief were really entertaining. Lex Luthor too, evolved, but not in a bad way. Although hardcore fans had mixed reviews, everybody more or less agreed that Lois & Clark was alright.

But come Smallville...

Doe eyed Kent.
Rasa nak muntah.

Urgh. I couldn't wrap my brain around the idea that Superman could be so... jambu. I tortured myself for the first season, but stopped watching the series altoghether when Tom Welling became cuter by the episode. His blooming pouty lips, his beautiful eyes, those dimples -- wtf?

The only interesting person in the series was Michael Rosenbaum's portrayal of Lex Luthor. Itupun he didn't stay long, he left after a few seasons.

Smallville left me partially disillusioned.

Plastic faced Brandon Routh? Don't even get me started on him.

So, just as I was rejoicing at the news of Smallville's coming end,
comes another new, worrying news.

Superman is going all hipster-emo.

Click the pic to to see Cullen, I mean Kent
in his glorified emo-ness

Scrawny, broody face.
Emo. (Is that a hint of eyeliner I see?)
Possibly skinny jeans, iPhones, Topshop man-cardigans, My Chemical Romance.
I can't begin to imagine what Lois/Lana will look like. *shivers*

The're billing this new Superman as "hip, sexy and moody", an edgy makeover with a "Twilight Effect".

Great, next thing we know, Lana is actually a half vampire of some sorts and Kent gets gleaming and shimmering after a few nights in the sack with her.

Damn you Twilight.

I give up.

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