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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello people!
Errr, or person, or, er, electronic pulses and binary codes that inhibits this blog.

It's been quite a while, I know. I have a billion things on my mind and although I could technically write from anywhere with the Bloggerdroid App, I just couldn't be bothered. I guess the euphoria of my new toy has dimmed with time. The world is moving too fast, chum, and instead of fiddling away in a corner, you'd best be prepared to run with it.

I got so many things to write about, things happening at home, things happening at the workplace, things happening to other people that are being updated constantly by other people to me because they think that I actually want to know about what's been happening to other people... but the fact is time is of the essence and I do not have it to actually sit down an write a billion entries on the billion things I have on my mind.

Yes people, I am rambling because rambles do not count as proper writing and yes, proper writing is what I really want to do for this blog but have yet to achieve, hence the rambles. Rambles fill the void and acts as a, say, preview or teaser of better things to come.

But the again, this blog was never about proper writing and pompous, ass-licking subjects so, hell-ho!

Let's just cut to the crap, and on with the list! (because I actually like making lists. I know, not so sanguine of me, but I have been told that although I think, dress and talk like a pure Sanguine, I could be a borderline of the other three personalities because I am, as a friend once said, "Complex." Wait, does that mean I have multiple personalities? Like, there could be a United States Of Azyze lurking inside me, waiting for the chance to rear it's multiple personality heads and change the world?)

1. K-Rocks is back!
Let me confess, I have a big crush on Kanye West. Yes, the loud-mouthed, bling-touting, Gucci-wearing, supposed douchebag Mr. West. I am a typical fall-fo-the-badass-or-weirdo kinda girl (so sue me). Oh, like you don't know what I'm talking about? You think I don't know that you secretly grovel and scratch your eyes out at night, in hopes that Edward Cullen would smell the blood and come lick you clean? However, unlike Eddy C, my K spill words like a machine gun, lockin' and poppin' ain't afraid of noone, facing Dr. Doom he's no longer on the run--

Ok, you get what I mean.
(Nothing spells gay like Edward Sourpuss Cullen. Trust me, I've had my share of gays.)

Anyway, back to K,
he is back! His new album is ready and I'm happy to report that he has come out of reclusion and is back on the scene, making appearances @ galas etc. His album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy should be hitting stores soon (can't wait!). Instead of releasing a single MTV, Mr West went all out and produced a 'short film' called Runaway which samples some of the tracks on MBDTF. So Michael Jackson of him, no?

I can't really explain the shortie, you gotta see it yourself to get the feel, but I can tell you, in the middle of all the birdie awesomeness ( I love the ballet scene!), Kanye has inserted the cheesiest, most Edward Cullen-y, conflict ridden love exchange between his and Selita Ebanks's character (mockery purposes, or for the tweens?). Miss Ebanks plays a gorgeous phoenix that has fallen to earth and falls in love with her rescuer, Griffin, played by K.

After watching the shortie - I won't call it a solid film because it's pretty abstract and not too filmy-- it really feels like Kanye's back in his game, and looking better than ever. There's still some of 808's melodrama atached to the new album, but I do hear some yummy samples ala pre-808s. I actually miss K's big talk raps, so this new album should be a treat.

Since the video is half an hour long, I'm not posting it up here. Chek it out HERE at Kanye's VEVO page on Youtube.

See, I told you he's back. Okay, the loafers almost blinded me with it's fugliness, but he cleaned up pretty well, kan? Yay for K!

2. Starting A New Business!
I can't believe it, but I have recently discovered that I actually do have the patience and ability to actually start my dream job (or rather, my once-was-my-dream job) : designing accessories!

I've always loved charms and dangly earrings, and have always had too quirky a taste to be contented with the market's offerings. A trip to the heart of KL (Lorong Haji Taib lagi, ha!) has opened a wealth of possibilities -- I now have found the right tools and supplies to create all the things that I have always wanted to style!

So now I have this small (but growing, InsyaAllah) line of charm bracelets and Alhamdulillah, they are selling well. I'm trying to keep the price at a minimum so that everyone would be able to purchase them. In the excitement of making and selling the bracelets, I have forgotten to snap any pictures, but will do so once I start on my new batch. Oh, I have no plans on selling them here since this is my lets-spew-crap blog, but... we'll see lah.

If all goes well, I would later like to learn how to make wire-jewellery. Have always loved statement brooches made from natural gemstones so might as well learn how to make those too, eh?

3. Online shopping
Matilah, iols sekarang gila online shopping, cemano? Nasib baik tak pakai makeup sangat, so I have yet to succomb to online makeupmania. Kalau tak, mampos. Zeek's posts on them are not helping as well, hang memang saja nak sabo bank account aku kan?

Matilah, akak perlukan bantuan uols!

4. Rick Astley

Err, just because.


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