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Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you know me personally, you'd know that I read comics, or rather, used to read comics religiously. I've now disengaged myself from most of the stuff I used to pour over, now moving on to more adult/heavy comics. But I still try to follow some favourites like the X-Men extensions, The JLAs (Justice League of America) and Spiderman.

With comics, the characters evolve undeterminedly, most of them creating unexpected twists to the superheroes or anti-heroes we already know. More often than not, these transformations promote healthy debates and start clans/sub-followers, all in good sport. So transformation in comics is nothing new.

However, not all transformations are that appealing.

One of the franchises that I have slowly lose faith in is Superman.

My hero.

I remember being a big fan of Christopher Reeve's Superman. Maybe I was too young, but back then he embodied everything the comic Superman was to me. I fell in love with the bumbling nerd from a small rural town, his confident superpowered alter-ego (or the other way round!) and his relationship with Lois Lane.

Cheeky, sexy Clark Kent.

When Superman went to the small screen with Dean Cain, it was, well, okay. Dean Cain was charming and he really added a new dimension to Clark Kent / Superman, plus, his banters with Lois & Chief were really entertaining. Lex Luthor too, evolved, but not in a bad way. Although hardcore fans had mixed reviews, everybody more or less agreed that Lois & Clark was alright.

But come Smallville...

Doe eyed Kent.
Rasa nak muntah.

Urgh. I couldn't wrap my brain around the idea that Superman could be so... jambu. I tortured myself for the first season, but stopped watching the series altoghether when Tom Welling became cuter by the episode. His blooming pouty lips, his beautiful eyes, those dimples -- wtf?

The only interesting person in the series was Michael Rosenbaum's portrayal of Lex Luthor. Itupun he didn't stay long, he left after a few seasons.

Smallville left me partially disillusioned.

Plastic faced Brandon Routh? Don't even get me started on him.

So, just as I was rejoicing at the news of Smallville's coming end,
comes another new, worrying news.

Superman is going all hipster-emo.

Click the pic to to see Cullen, I mean Kent
in his glorified emo-ness

Scrawny, broody face.
Emo. (Is that a hint of eyeliner I see?)
Possibly skinny jeans, iPhones, Topshop man-cardigans, My Chemical Romance.
I can't begin to imagine what Lois/Lana will look like. *shivers*

The're billing this new Superman as "hip, sexy and moody", an edgy makeover with a "Twilight Effect".

Great, next thing we know, Lana is actually a half vampire of some sorts and Kent gets gleaming and shimmering after a few nights in the sack with her.

Damn you Twilight.

I give up.

Mimpi yang betul-betul kejadian

Orang cakap, what goes around, comes around.

Buat benda jahat, dibalas jahat suatu hari nanti. Buat baik, balasnya pun baik suatu hari nanti.
Buat, ini pun ada karmanya.

Aritu baek punya gua Rickroll'd blog ni kan?
Siap pergi carik gambar Rick Astley posing macho-macho jambu kan?

semalam satu malam gua tak tidur lena.
Ada la dalam 10 kali kot gua terjaga.
Dan setiap kali gua tidur balik, gua mesti mimpi senario yang berkaitan dengan lagu

"Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down.."

Lagu tu sebagai background mimpi lah, ada orang nyanyi kat gua lah, gua nyanyi sendiri mahupun ia muncul secara misteri
Tapi tiap-tiap mimpi pendek gua semua ada lagu tu.

Psycho weh.
I think I just Rickroll'd myself.

Berkebun di tanah maya memang celaka


Ada sorang minah 22 tahun dari Jacksonsville yang dah pegi bunuh anak dia sebab...

wait for it...

kacau dia main Farmville.


Muka tak boleh blah

Alexandra V. Tobias tengah main Farmville di Facebook dengan penuh kegirangan bila anak dia, Dylan Lee asyik nangis tak henti-henti. Disebabkan konsentrasi dia memongkes telah diganggu agaknya, dia pun angkat baby dia, goncang-goncang budak 3 bulan tu macam cheezy fries in hopes that dia diam. Lepas tu dia chill sekejap, nyalakan rokok, isap sepam-dua pastu sambung goncang anak dia dengan kuat.

Anak dia mati akibat gegaran yang keterlaluan atau keberangkalian besar dia dah terlepuk kepala anak dia kat mana-mana masa dia dok goncang baby tu.

Kemungkinan besar dia akan dipenjarakan seumur hidup sebab second degree murder.

Yang gua pelik tu, boleh pulak pause nyalakan rokok sebelum sambung goncang anak.
Dasyat betul.

Ni contoh yang baik nak bagitau makcik-pakcik penyibuk kat kenduri kenapa I'm against kawin awal hehehe! (walaupun sekarang dah lambat!)

Sumber dari


Monday, October 25, 2010


  • Lelaki berusia lingkungan 29-45
  • Tidak tinggi sangat, tidak rendah sangat
  • Tidak huduh sangat, tidak kacak sangat
  • Bersuara jantan, tidak garau sangat, tidak lembut sangat
  • Sopan, berperibadi mulia, penyayang
  • Sebijik macam Chris Cornell.


In a jiffy

Hello people!
Errr, or person, or, er, electronic pulses and binary codes that inhibits this blog.

It's been quite a while, I know. I have a billion things on my mind and although I could technically write from anywhere with the Bloggerdroid App, I just couldn't be bothered. I guess the euphoria of my new toy has dimmed with time. The world is moving too fast, chum, and instead of fiddling away in a corner, you'd best be prepared to run with it.

I got so many things to write about, things happening at home, things happening at the workplace, things happening to other people that are being updated constantly by other people to me because they think that I actually want to know about what's been happening to other people... but the fact is time is of the essence and I do not have it to actually sit down an write a billion entries on the billion things I have on my mind.

Yes people, I am rambling because rambles do not count as proper writing and yes, proper writing is what I really want to do for this blog but have yet to achieve, hence the rambles. Rambles fill the void and acts as a, say, preview or teaser of better things to come.

But the again, this blog was never about proper writing and pompous, ass-licking subjects so, hell-ho!

Let's just cut to the crap, and on with the list! (because I actually like making lists. I know, not so sanguine of me, but I have been told that although I think, dress and talk like a pure Sanguine, I could be a borderline of the other three personalities because I am, as a friend once said, "Complex." Wait, does that mean I have multiple personalities? Like, there could be a United States Of Azyze lurking inside me, waiting for the chance to rear it's multiple personality heads and change the world?)

1. K-Rocks is back!
Let me confess, I have a big crush on Kanye West. Yes, the loud-mouthed, bling-touting, Gucci-wearing, supposed douchebag Mr. West. I am a typical fall-fo-the-badass-or-weirdo kinda girl (so sue me). Oh, like you don't know what I'm talking about? You think I don't know that you secretly grovel and scratch your eyes out at night, in hopes that Edward Cullen would smell the blood and come lick you clean? However, unlike Eddy C, my K spill words like a machine gun, lockin' and poppin' ain't afraid of noone, facing Dr. Doom he's no longer on the run--

Ok, you get what I mean.
(Nothing spells gay like Edward Sourpuss Cullen. Trust me, I've had my share of gays.)

Anyway, back to K,
he is back! His new album is ready and I'm happy to report that he has come out of reclusion and is back on the scene, making appearances @ galas etc. His album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy should be hitting stores soon (can't wait!). Instead of releasing a single MTV, Mr West went all out and produced a 'short film' called Runaway which samples some of the tracks on MBDTF. So Michael Jackson of him, no?

I can't really explain the shortie, you gotta see it yourself to get the feel, but I can tell you, in the middle of all the birdie awesomeness ( I love the ballet scene!), Kanye has inserted the cheesiest, most Edward Cullen-y, conflict ridden love exchange between his and Selita Ebanks's character (mockery purposes, or for the tweens?). Miss Ebanks plays a gorgeous phoenix that has fallen to earth and falls in love with her rescuer, Griffin, played by K.

After watching the shortie - I won't call it a solid film because it's pretty abstract and not too filmy-- it really feels like Kanye's back in his game, and looking better than ever. There's still some of 808's melodrama atached to the new album, but I do hear some yummy samples ala pre-808s. I actually miss K's big talk raps, so this new album should be a treat.

Since the video is half an hour long, I'm not posting it up here. Chek it out HERE at Kanye's VEVO page on Youtube.

See, I told you he's back. Okay, the loafers almost blinded me with it's fugliness, but he cleaned up pretty well, kan? Yay for K!

2. Starting A New Business!
I can't believe it, but I have recently discovered that I actually do have the patience and ability to actually start my dream job (or rather, my once-was-my-dream job) : designing accessories!

I've always loved charms and dangly earrings, and have always had too quirky a taste to be contented with the market's offerings. A trip to the heart of KL (Lorong Haji Taib lagi, ha!) has opened a wealth of possibilities -- I now have found the right tools and supplies to create all the things that I have always wanted to style!

So now I have this small (but growing, InsyaAllah) line of charm bracelets and Alhamdulillah, they are selling well. I'm trying to keep the price at a minimum so that everyone would be able to purchase them. In the excitement of making and selling the bracelets, I have forgotten to snap any pictures, but will do so once I start on my new batch. Oh, I have no plans on selling them here since this is my lets-spew-crap blog, but... we'll see lah.

If all goes well, I would later like to learn how to make wire-jewellery. Have always loved statement brooches made from natural gemstones so might as well learn how to make those too, eh?

3. Online shopping
Matilah, iols sekarang gila online shopping, cemano? Nasib baik tak pakai makeup sangat, so I have yet to succomb to online makeupmania. Kalau tak, mampos. Zeek's posts on them are not helping as well, hang memang saja nak sabo bank account aku kan?

Matilah, akak perlukan bantuan uols!

4. Rick Astley

Err, just because.


Dilema kawan

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saya ada kawan.

Dia kata orang penyibuk tapi dia pun penyibuk.
Dia tak suka orang mengumpat dia tapi dia mengumpat orang.
Dia tak suka orang ambil tahu hal dia tapi dia selalu nak tahu semua benda walaupun tak ada kena mengena.


500 password paling bongok

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dulu-dulu saya ingatkan saya seorang saja yang buat faux-pas internet bila menggunakan alamat emel yang hazab, rupanya banyak lagi kebangangan teknologi yang wujud hingga ke hari ini.

Contoh termudah, pemilihan kata laluan atau password.
Walaupun dah berjuta kali bank dan peranti elektronik lain beritahu kita untuk menggunakan kata laluan yang unik dan sukar dicerobohi, kebanyakan orang masih endah tak endah dan terus menggunakan kata laluan yang mudah diingat mengikut citarasa sendiri.

Diorang tak tau kot, mudah diingat = mudah dihack.

Dave Kleiman (dari senarai Mark Burnett) telah berjaya menyenaraikan 500 kata laluan paling teruk yang ada dalam dunia. Cuba-cubalah tengok, kot-kot kata laluan anda pun tersenarai juga haha

Klik gambar di bawah untuk membesarkan imej ok!

Header dah gila?

Soalan: Header blog ni berubah-ubah macam slideshow lagi, atau statik imej radio and half of the John Lennon image?

Kalau bukak di komputer saya sekarang, ianya statik. Padahal masa launch haritu okay je. Minggu-minggu seterusnya pun okay. tiba2 pula jadi gila.

Adakah saya seorang saja yang nampak begitu (mungkin malfunction computer?), atau korang pun memang tak boleh view the header as a slideshow?

Sila feedback ye, I need to solve this issue or forget about it terus :(

Legasi P. Ramlee hidup selamanya

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ayam rintik di pinggir hutan
Nampak dari tepi telaga
Nama yang baik jadi ingatan
Seribu tahun terkenang jua

Lancang kuning lancang pusaka
Nampak dari Tanjung Puan
Kalaulah kering laut Melaka
Barulah saya lupakan Tuan

Anak Cina memasang lukah
Lukah dipasang di Tanjung Jati
Didalam hati tidak di lupa
Bagaikan rambut bersimpul mati.

13.10.10 lagi best!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jeng jeng jeng!

Seperti yang anda boleh lihat, blog ini telah bertukar wajah.
Dan seperti masa-masa lampau, perubahan kulit blog ini bermakna saya telah turut melakukan perubahan di dalam kehidupan /diri saya. Sebagai seorang yang setia dengan yang ada ( satu beg, satu kasut, baju-baju yang sama sampailah rosak baru tukar hahah), perubahan sering saya lihat sebagai platform untuk menjadi daring dan benar-benar baharu.

Dulu-dulu, rambutlah menjadi mangsa ukur perubahan hidup saya.

Fasa sekolah dahulu, rambut saya pendek seperti budak lelaki. Tahun SPM saya mula simpan rambut. Saya simpan panjang hingga mencecah punggung sepanjang awal pengajian di UiTM. Semester saya mendapat Anugerah Dekan, saya cantaskan pendek dan ala serabai. Seminggu sebelum graduasi degree, saya permkan menjadi tight curls ala afrika sesat. Selepas selesai probation dapat surat confirmation berkerja di syarikat, saya potong rambut perm yang dah panjang itu menjadi pendek dan 'suka hati dia lah'. Awal tahun ini, selepas rezeki buat show semakin rancak, baru saya ambil langkah drastik dengan meluruskan rambut saya.

Semenjak dua menjak ini rambut sudah kerap diubah mengikut keperluan fesyen (dah tua-tua baru pandai nak kesahkan penampilan haha) jadi saya hanya boleh harap pada blog sebagai pengukur perubahan hidup saya.

Back to the blog, ya, drastiknya.
Sungguh lain dari dahulu. Gelap. Mungkin terasa kekok dengan format posting kiri sidebar kanan sebegini... kalau diikutkan, blog ini memang pun mulanya berwarna hitam. Transisi demi transisi... and here we are, back to a darker look. Rasa macam baru semalam je belajar nak setup blog di Blogspot. Bodoh-bodoh je alter first skin....


1. Fallen Angel (2004-2005)
Template pertama! Dari dengan 4 extended pages dan beberapa feature yang pada masa itu dianggap 'maju' untuk blog tempatan. Feel 'grunge' bertema fallen angel. Best, unik dan inovatif, tapi agak tipikal remaja.

2. Music Is My Soul (2005-2006)
Diubah apabila saya memulakan perjalanan baru dalam hidup -- kerja. Keseluruhan blog hitam, kecuali teks dalam warna oren, dan header iPod Boho Chic berwarna oren. Ringkas, kemas dan funky yang terkawal.

3. Esentielle Elegance (2007)
Tahun ketiga berkerja, skin ditukar sebagai signifikasi ramai kawan-kawan berhenti kerja kerana VSS. Skin berlatar putih kelabu yang cerah dan sungguh berbeza dari template terdahulunya. Mungkin usaha menceriakan diri.

4. Bukan Blog John Lennon (2007-2009)
Mencipta wajah ketempat blog ini, barulah saya rajin menggodak html. Saya ubahkan sidebar ke kanan, tukar latar belakang ke corak damask dalam rona yang sama, cuba-cuba reka header yang melaung jiwa saya pada masa itu -- pita kaset bertajuk "Bukan Blog John Lennon" dengan sentuhan kerawang moden. Banyak elemen The Beatles yang diterapkan melalu tajuk sidebar.

Layout ini saya gunakan untuk tempoh hampir 3 tahun kerana cukup menyukainya. Namun kegatalan 'mencuba' feature beta blogger telah menjahanamkan layout tersebut... dan saya terpaksa menggunakan template baru.

4. Simplicity (2009)
Disebabkan kecewa dengan kehilangan Bukan Blog John Lennon, saya gunakan skin paling ringkas dan kemas. Latar belakang putih kosong, font kecil, sidebar masih di kanan namun kurang prominen. Saya anggap ini skin transisi, jadi tak banyak personalization yang saya lakukan pada skin ini.

5. Goo Goo G'Gjoob! (2010)
Tahun baru, blog skin baru. Saya memang lama idamkan blog yang berkaitan dengan album Sgt Peppper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, jadi saya telah mendapatkan sentuhan designer merangkap kawan gelap saya, Encik O. Idea saya banyak, nak itu, nak ini, tapi rasanya Encik O pun sibuk dan malas nak melayan saya hahaha. Hasilnya cantik kan? Very colourful, very bright, very 70s funkatastic!

Walaupun ada yang ingin saya godak dengan sendiri (tak puas kalau tak ada personal touch!) namun kebodohan saya mengedit html dan my almost nil knowledge of CSS membuatkan saya cepat give up, malas nak layan nafsu dan guna sahaja layout tersebut seadanya. Lagipun header dan rekaan keseluruhan blog itu dibuat oleh pakar, I should give credit to the artist and trust his artistic vision, kan?Lebih terkejut, Encik O tak mahu ambil bayaran! Free customized blog skin yihaaaa!

which brings us to the current skin,

6. Bunyikan Hi-Fi, Yo! (2010)
Perubahan paling ketara semenjak dua tiga tahun ini, saya jatuh sakit dan terpaksa melakukan major surgery. Beb, badan kena potong dengan scapel (silap2 gergaji balak hahahaha), organ dalaman kena cantas buang jahit balik, maunya tak historical event?

Sekarang alhamdulillah saya sudah pulih hampir sepenuhnya, sudah boleh mula lari-lari anak dan sudah longgar pantang sedikit, maka memang patut saya tukar skin blog ini! :)

Untuk memudahkan pertukaran, saya gunakan template Modularity Lite dari Wordpress. Godak-godak sedikit untuk dimasukkan ke blogger, tukar itu ini, masukkan header flash dan pindahkan blogroll serta links ke kaki blog. Voila, muka baru!

Berapa lama agaknya skin ini bertahan? Hmmm.... hanya tuhan yang tahu!

Wondered who: answer

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Okay, here's the answer to the 'then' pictures I posted earlier. Berapa banyak yang korang betul?

1. George Clooney

Kalau korang pegi back in time and tell Clooney's teachers or classmates that one day George akan jadi lelaki kegilaan ramai dan most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, mungkin korang akan
digelakkan tahap maut. Tapi inilah hakikatnya... masa depan dan good genes (tak lupa hard workout) boleh jadikan sesiapa saja cantik atau hensem.
Pengajarannya, kalau kita (atau anak-anak kita) huduh masa sekolah, relax je dan ingatkan diri. Kalau nerdy gila macam George Clooney pun boleh tukar smokin' hot, kita pun boleh!

2. Sean Connery

Yesss uols, suatu masa dulu atuk Sean Connery adalah The Body.
Kalau boleh semua cerita diorang nak dia tak pakai baju. Ada yang hubba-hubba ai papi dios mio! macam dalam filem-filem Bond. Walaupun bulu dada dah macam karpet, tapi kekentalan dan kemantapan tubuh hot grandad ni memang susah nak disangkal. Namun overdosed topless tahap semua nak kaut macam Salman Khan pun boleh backfire. Contohnya watak Sean dalam filem Zardos. Pakai 'tangkini' versi 70an, warna oren pulak tu... dah macam Borat koboi pun ada gak. Korang google la sendiri gambar dia dalam Zardoz, saya tak sanggup nak bubuh kat sini. Huh, horror.
Tahun ini Sean Connery berumur 80 tahun. Damn rasa macam reversed-pervert pulak bila anggap Sean seksi. But seriously, have you seen him in a kilt? Wow, dah tua-tua ni pun masih shek-sheyyy!

3. Jared Leto

Yup, that's Jared Leto. For most of us adults, we'd know him from movies such as Requiem For A Dream, Lord of War, and Chapter 27. Untuk tweens and budak2 rock-emo masakini, y'all kenal dia ni as the frontman of 30 Seconds Form Mars. Yup, he was really jambu back then okay. Walaupun he initially wanted to pursue a career in music, he got approached to be a model. Hence the wierd 90s quirky photos. Ask him to pose like that sekarang (with the hair and all) and he'd probably be labeled gay. Maklumkah, sekarang ni kan dia kengkonon emo heheh~~

Dulu Jared pernah mengadu susah nak dapat roles dalam filem-filem. Direktor selalu reject sebab dia 'terlalu cantik'. Semangat punya pasal, di ambil cabaran tambahkan berat badan 60 pounds semata untuk melakonkan watak pembunuh John Lennon, Mark David Chapman. Dah lah dia vegetarian... mengkagum. Lebih mengkagumkan, after shooting the film, he managed to work the fats off... you can see how lean he is now. Macam tak pernah gemuk. Ajaib betul.

4. Marilyn Monroe

As you can see, a little makeup, allegedly one rhinoplasty and facial 'touch-ups' boleh menjadikan muka cantik lite-lite jadi macam bidadari. Sebenarnya Marilyn Monroe memang dah cantik, tapi di Hollywood nak naik popular tak cukup sekadar cantik, kena mind-blowing baru boleh jalan. Norma Jeane Baker (yep itu nama sebenar Marilyn) pulak datang dari latar belakang yang menyedihkan jadi dia memang insecure dari kecil.

Seperti kebanyakan artis jelita/kacak Hollywood, dia sentiasa dianggap sebagai seorang dumb blonde. In actuality, Marilyn was quite smart, and a very talented writer. Dalam jurnalnya ada banyak short proses and poems yang benar-benar menggambarkan keadaan sebenar Norma Jean trapped in Marilyn's persona. One of my favourite poems by her is called O' Time Be Kind.

O, Time
Be Kind
Help this weary being
To forget what is sad to remember
Loose my loneliness,
Ease my mind,
While you eat my flesh.

5. Brad Pitt

Kau gila, siapa tak kenal Brad Pitt? I think you have to forgive the dorky poses and migraine inducing clothes sebab 80s and 90s were about the colours and cuts of the clothes. Kisah hidup Brad dalam 20 tahun kebelakangan ni memang selalu diceritakan pihak media jadi tak perlu kot nak recap apa-apa. Tapi ni ada 3 trivia:

a. Masa dia mula-mula nak jadi pelakon, first job dia adalah berjoget-joget dalam costume ayam di restoran El' Pollo Loco di Sunset Blvd.
b. Antara calon kuat untuk melakonkan watak Neo dalam The Matrix. Mungkin dia tak cukup geeky jadi watak tu jatuh pada Keanu Reeves.
c. Tendon Achilles di kaki dia terkoyak teruk masa dia belakon dalam filem Troy. Ironinya, watak dia dalam filem tu ialah Archilles!

6. Eric Clapton

Kalau korang tak layan music dari dia pun, at least korang mesti pernah dengar lagu 'Tears In Heaven'. Ramai orang selalu ingat dia ni American, tapi dia sebenarnya dilahirkan di Surrey, England. Kisah zaman kanak-kanak dia agak dasyat -- mak dia, Patricia termengandungkan dia masa ada affair dengan seorang askar dari Kanada. Askar tu balik ke Kanada sebelum Eric dilahirkan dan disebabkan mak Eric cuma 16 tahun masa tu, mak bapak Patricia decided to become surrogate parents to Eric. So dia ingatkan Patricia tu kakak dia, dan atuk nenek dia tu mak bapak dia. Dia dapat tahu tentang penipuan pelik ni ketika berusia 9 tahun dan terus depresi. Semenjak tu, dia lebih kerap menyendiri dan masa itulah dia jadi taksub bermain gitar.

Kehebatan Eric Clapton bermain gitar dalam genre American Blues cukup popular sampaikan dia dapat nickname "the God". Ada peminat yang tulis grafitti "Clapton Is God" di salah satu tube station di London ianya tersebar sampai melekat lah nama God tu. Kau hado?

7. Zac Efron

Okay adik-adik, let this be a lesson to you: crimping was never, and will never be cool. Hahahaha! Apa punya disaster daa rambut Zac tu. I'm sure that picture was taken during his doofy days. Ramai orang yang mengenali Zac kata dia seorang yang kelakar dan fun, tak langsung pose cute-cute gedik macam watak dia dalam High School Musical. Tapi iyalah kan, dah handsome tu, nak buat macam mana.

Masa depan Zac ni pun akan jadi sedikit berliku macam Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto dan Jude Law. Jambu sangat sampai susah nak dapat watak yang lebih mencabar. Kalau dia pandai, dia akan cuba rebut watak yang ganas seperti Brad Pitt dalam Se7en atau Leonardo DiCaprio dalam Blood Diamond. Nak nampak pandai & artsy? Berlakon teater bogel-bogel macam Danial Radcliffe. Confirm dipandang lebih serius dari sebelumnya. Kalau tak buat macam tu, huh, berlakon romcom dan chick flick je la sampai tua.

Wondered who, once upon a time

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Change is inevitable. In trying not to change anything pun things are already changing. It's time's undoing, or rather doing, depending on how you see things (especialy how you view ageing).

I wonder if these famous people cringe at the sight of their old pictures as much as I did when I went through some old, disastrous pictures of mine.


Try and guess who these people are:

The undisputed most eligible bachelor

Before Arnold became The Body, there was this man

Okay I must confess, I had a big crush on this guy
way before he cleaned up and swapped
the cameras for microphones.

Who would've thought that this dorky-looking guy
would later have a Benetton family
with a self-professed 'damned-soul'?

Here's a clue: guitars, glasses & tears

Not so much the face, but wth was going on
with the pelampung muka?

Last but not least.
Tak payah teka la, jom gelak je hahahaha!