Friday, September 03, 2010

The one thing I miss most about blogging from a computer is the ability to put captions on pictures... and putting pictures in between paragraphs. (Okay, 2 things.)

Sure, there are other irritating issues with mobile blogging ie typing speed, major scrolling activities and annoying autospell when writing in Malay, but those are things that I can live with and will improve in time once I get myself accustomed to the whole qwerty pad madness.

But not being able to properly lay out my posts, that annoys me to no end. I'm a sanguine, but I guess when it comes to doing layouts (even those of materials), my choleric monster sometimes rear its ugly head and vetoed all.

I'm currently using the Blogger-Droid app. It serves well for simple blogging (pictures first, text later) but I yearn for the wonderful complicated editing features you get when logging on and writing on the default Blogger posting page. Blogger-Droid does support certain html codings but unfortunately I never really studied the stuff. Tweaking and coding are two different things when it comes to html, and it's times like these that I envy my geekier web designing friends.

It's a good thing that this post doesn't need any pictures. I don't feel like being too anal this early in the morning :)

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