Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I think my sister cares for her cats more than she cares for me.

Why is it so hard to understand that even the smallest cat hair or 'hama' can trigger a sneeze? and that if I sneeze I'd most probably rip my stitches? And that would ultimately hurt (not to mention bleed me to death)?

I really feel like stripping my clothes off and showing her my already bloodstained plaster. Let her see how worse it would be if-

She even goes straight to the cats when she gets back from work. I don't even deserve a hello. Of course I don't, I'm the cat hater, for all she care.


I know this is pretty immature, writing stuff like this online, but I really need to vent my frustrations, and this is the only way I know to do it without physically hurting myself. Crying would just stretch my abdomen and cause more pain than I care to endure.

Ya Allah, please let me see the light behind this wall of hurt and sadness. Give me strength to take care of myself and for me to get well ASAP without asking much from others, or hurting anybody's feelings. And please let this experience not tax my mom too much, heaven knows she's really trying to help... well, she's probably the only one not doing this begrudgingly.

Thanks for all the chances You've given me, and for the ones You will continue to bestow upon me with each dawn. Only You understand the depths of my heart, only to You could I weep, and only to You I shall one day return to. Amin amin ya rabbal al-amin.

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mizzyN said...

adik beradik ko x baca ini blog ke?

azyze said...

once in a blue moon. but aku malas nak pikir la Nadh. maybe ade bagus gak kalo dia baca. baru faham kot.

mizzyN said...

oic. xpela beb. venting emosi sini ok pe. kengkadang banyak cara nak lepas perasaan, sebab sometimes terlalu payah nak sampaikan secara direct.

roxychick said...

bagus adik aku sorang ni, rajin mengupdate.

i know how u feel babe. to have sister like that. haha.. and i know how u feel, that sometimes terseksa dalam hati and tak tau mana nak vent ur feeling. tapi u terus redah je, dah tak tahan kan.. cerita pasal adik beradik ni ok sebenarnya, so that if dorang terbaca, if dorang nak marah pon, ala.. adik beradik kan..

tp kalo mcm i, bab rumahtangga? how la to vent? mau kena bebel 7 keturunan... hahaha!!

anyway, nothing serious pon. just glitches here and there. i hope i'll recover soon..