Friday, August 20, 2010

The pictures you see above are (or were, coz they were gobbled up right after the pics were taken) the capillary-blocking, cardiac arrest- inducing, yummylicious stuff from William's.

Those who have tried their food would know that the roadside wonderstall serves some of the most gastronomical wonders of both local and western cuisine. You'd never guessed, but behind the shabby interior (if you can call it that) lies a menu that is fit for a 5star hotel!

Right now I'm hankering for some of their heavenly spaghetti seafood carbonara. Oh, the thought of those huge, fresh, juicy prawns and clams and squids covered in a thick carbonara sauce is just... urgh too torturing!

The doctor has banned me from taking any carbs, fat, seafood and preserved stuff. So no pasta, no rice, no oily food, no yummeh seafood carbonara... not even kuehtiaw noodles et al.

You might say, how is she to know, makan aje la. Who am I kidding, my mom is quite strict about my food intake, and besides, I'm not risking my wound's recovery for some prawns. Itchy and scratchy, no thanks siree...

So I'll just keep torturing myself with the pictures and memories... huhuhu.

Alamak, sakit perut pulak. Toodles!
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roxychick said...

hah! siot! balas dendam yeh..
ni food war namanya!!!
*walaupon sekadar gambar lama..*


p/s: lepaih ni kitorg takleh panggil hang ely kuey teow la no.. hahahahaa

azyze said...

gua dreading pi office because of 2 things:

1. kena duduk for long periods dalam posisi yg x bagus for perut.
2. seleksi makanan yang sungguh hampeh dan menduga keimanan


roxychick said...

hahaa.. lepas ni ko demand la katil hospital and letakkan ko kat dalam one of the rooms.. ha. yang kat bilik bash tu ada satu lg empty room.. kah kah kah!

mizzyN said...

yang first tu mcm mengggelegak kelazatann ooo nooo

azyze said...

roxy.: pastu computer nak letak mana, gantung kat dinding macam tv?

Nadh: yummeh gila! Ko ajak la pyan bawak ko. lebih afdal lagi ko tunggu lepas raya when I'm up and about. Hehe