Another goodbye

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadhan memang banyak dugaannya.

My beloved Aunty Siti Hawa passed
away peacefully pagi tadi, lepas subuh. Allah is kind, she left us in Ramadhan.

Aunty Siti's health started deteriorating last year when her kidneys failed, and she fell into a deep coma. Dengan izin Allah, she prevailed, much to the relief of family & friends. However, soon after, her diabetes kicked in. It became worse and after numerous medical and spiritual efforts, they had to amputate her leg last month.

Things were starting to look good when she suddenly lapsed and got admitted again on Thursday. Turned out she had suffered a stroke and had numerous blood clots in her brain. All they could do was wait.

Mak was just finishing Subuh this morning when she received a call saying that Aunty Siti was tenat. Not long after, we received another call. She had passed away.

We're all very sad, but in a way I am also happy that she was relieved from her pain.She's gone through so much, it's time for her to rest.

I'm sure she's on her way to the pearly gates, to be with Shani, Tok Wanjah and those waiting on the other side.

Aunty Siti, you were one heck of a lady, and you will be remembered forever.

You will be missed. Al-fatihah...
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