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Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Bizarro cartoons are hilarious!

Here's a meme that I've been meaning to post for a long time. I've been putting it off because at the time I was tagged with this, I felt a little bit more matang than always, and felt that this meme was a bit too teenager-ish for me. However, I have landed back on earth now *tsk tsk* and as someone has kindly pointed to me, I will always be a little more immature juvenile at heart than others of my age, so here goes nothing :)

Judging a person's personality just by hearing his/her ringtone is akin to judging a content of a book by its cover. But in today's wonderful world of technology, who has only one ringtone? People nowadays would have at least three different ringtones (family, friends, general). And then there's sms alert, alarms... the list goes on. This meme will show the type of music you are interested in and the pattern of your musical choices will then give a glimpse (geekword: dropshadow) of your personality.

Proceed to answer these questions...

THE RINGTONE MEME - Name Three Ringtones You Have Used As Your:

General Ringtone:
Knight Rider Theme
Tender - Blur
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles (current)

Family Ringtone:
Love Today - Mika
Jaded - Aerosmith
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles (current)

Friends Ringtone:
Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
Austin Powers Theme
Joga - Bjork (current)

Sms Alert:
Homer Simpson's "Holy Macaroni" script
Abdul Wahib's "Kaki Diorder Dari Egypt" pantun
Mario Bros theme during underground scene (current)

Alarm: <-- these are chosen according to their bingitness!
Ellie's Scat - Sony Ericcson's
Umbrella - Rihanna
Respect - Aretha Franklin (current. Bila Aretha meroyan, sape pun akan bangun!)

Hmm... so what do you think of my list? What have you learned (or guessed) by reading it?

I am tagging three people I'd want to try to know more about:

Everyone is invited to do this meme. Do leave a link to your blog in my comment box so I can check your list out :)


yayaheska said...

klaka ok part aretha tu!!

azyze gomez said...

it's true :)
buat tau kat blog you and leave a link :)

yayaheska said...

i dh lame gile x update blog i :p n i dont have ringtones lagu2 sbb xmasukkan lagu lg dlm fon baru ni.. (saje nk ckp i pakai fon br.. kekwat!)

school of thoughts said...

from the post, we know that elle is someone sings songs that i dont really know but i know when she sings, she sings very well. voleyy?

My Name Is M? starts with M la :P said...

yeeaa dah lama x kene tag.. yeehaa!

nway am posting this at my public blog :P

azyze gomez said...

tu la... lama gila tak update. lebih kurang macam dah tutup la blog tu ek?

ahahahhah...ko tau kot lagu2 tu, cuma tak tau tajuk. dengar boleh identify eheh :)

cik m:
woh ade public blog rupenye! ko dah terdedahkan kat aku nih eheheheh. dan saya pun suka halia :)

jamilah said...

saya takde blog tapi Joga - Bjork!! Sgt2 suke lagu ni, fav bjork song!
Kita punya citarase muzik yg sama. cheers!

azyze gomez said...

yihaaaaa! bile kawen ajak aku okeh ;)

My name starts with M said...

ajak ely utk menyanyi di majlis kawin jamilah? adakah itu maksud ayat ely di atas? hehe

Amer. said...

Kak ajiji, bila nak YMMMMMM.

azyze gomez said...

ahahhaa itu pun bole....

ajiji ahahhaa. YM YM ni kurang sket la, but i'll try to be online today.
nad oh by the way, it's 'a-za-iz'.

Amer. said...

Lol betul ke nama kamu disebut a-za-iz? Ya Allah dah setahun lebih saya asyik menyebut nama orang yang salah wahai Kak Ajais. Nama betul apa? Hehe.

azyze gomez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
azyze gomez said...

ape cer beb gua nak tipu lu sebutan nama gua.. ehehhe :)

it is a-za-iz, tapi kamu kena sebut laju2. A seperti 'apa', zy seperti kamu sebut 'xylaphone', dan ze sebenarnya with a silent 'e', macam buzzing of bees (imagine zzz).

but it's okay, i've heard worse pronunciations heheh.