Orgasm Is Okay!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Having orgasms in public places are okay if it's not the literal type, you know.

Like, like,
discovering that finally, someone uploads Never Mind The Buzzcocks's first Season 23 episodes on Youtube!

or, say,
biting into that franchaised doughnut you bought with reluctant and finding out that it is not too sweet nor too 'manufactured' that it is perfect for your palate (although then, it is actually not a perfect doughnut because those donuts are supposed to be as sweet as a diabetic sugarcane)

or, hearing the recently deceased Michael Jackson hit that perfect note with his powerful yet slightly raspy voice, (albeit belatedly realizing that wait, there'll be no more MJ - which subsequently wilts any MJ related orgasms).

Wait I digress.

I'm just happy Never Mind The Buzzcocks is back on air (and Youtube!), and although we started this Season still very much grieving over Simon Amstell & Bill Bailey's departure, we're crossing our fingers for a great season ahead. Let's hope the guest presenters selected for this season delivers well. All hail great music and sarcastic, witty comedy! Yay!

C'mon, fill those seats already!

Team Captains Phil Jupitus & Noel Fielding (welcome Noel!)

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