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Monday, October 26, 2009

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Today's entry will be in english, just because, well, I want it to be. Why, cannot izzit? (There, some manglish for you 'patriotic' people heheh)

Here's a meme that has been circulating around for quite a while. I've been putting it off for the longest time because I've always wanted to tie it with a Giveaway/ Contest but never had anything interesting to give away.

Well, now I do, so here we go!
(Scroll away to check out the two gifts)

Meme rules:
Step 1: Put your iPod/MP3 player or iTunes on random.
Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post it on your blog and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from. (Skip the instrumentals for obvious reason!)
Step 4: Update the list with the song title when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: For those guessing the songs: make your guess by leaving a comment. I need the title and artist!
IMPORTANT! Honor system: No Googling or other internet-aided search engine!

Out of the few thousand songs I have, these were the ones I got from the shuffle...

1. Your neighbours were screaming, I don't have the keys for downstairs...
2. I guess I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went...
3. When a bee lies sleeping in the palm of your hand...
4. Hey pretty baby with the high heels on...
5. After long enough of being alone, everyone must face their own share of loneliness...
6. Lady Madonna, children at your feet...
7. Hello, can you hear me? Am I getting through to you?
8. As I came in through the window, was a sound of a crescendo...
9. Da da da dada, it's the motherf**kin' D-O-double-G...
10. Haruman dirimu, senyuman di wajahmu...
11. I see you pick me out from the crowd...
12. You say I'm stubborn and I never give in...
13. When I first saw you, I said oh my...
14. Inikah dia, yang kuimpikan dalam lambaian firdausi...
15. I know it's pass visiting hours, but can I please give her these flowers...
16. Say that you'll stay a little, don't say bye-bye tonight...
17. I can tell you wanna drink girl, you ain't gotta worry no more...
18. For once in my life I've got someone who needs me...
19. Hey mom, why didn't you tell me, why didn't you teach me a thing or two...
20. An old man, turned 98...

Now, for the contest. There are 2 steps to winning this:

1. Try to guess as many songs you can. No googling, be honest! (Clue: you're lucky, iTunes shuffle selected mostly popular songs!)


2. Visuals are equally important in today's music industry, right? So suggest me one (1) mtv/videoclip that you love or has impacted you in some way. Do tell me why, too. It doesn't have to be from a popular artiste, it could be an unknown, so long as it means something to you.

The person with the most answers and most interesting mtv will win one of the two books below:

Canal Dreams by Iain Banks
Three Girls And Their Brother by Theresa Rebeck

Iain Banks is a scottish writer who writes mainstream fiction, sometimes dabbling into politics, sometimes science-fiction, always engaging. Canal Dreams is his first political thriller novel, and his first female lead as well. Although Banks himself regards this work as not up to his standards, I'm sure it's good. I've read 2 Iain Banks novels and find him to be a simple-plot-but- deep-reality horror kinda writer. This novel might appeal more to male readers, but ultimately it's up to the winner :) Read the synopsis here.

Playwrighter & Edgar Award winner Theresa Rebeck is very famous back home in New York. She's done tons of plays, wrote for numerous publications and have written for several television shows, including NYPD Blue. According to reviews, this novel is a great semi-chic lit. I'm tempted to keep this one myself, but alas, I have too many books from my recent visit to warehouse sales and book stores around PJ. You can read the synopsis of the book here. This one is definitely for the girls, although there are several reviews done by male readers on Amazon.

Closing date: 2 November 2009.
Announcement of winner: 4 November 2009
(Book will be sent by post)

So guess away people, and good luck :)

Note: Comments will be moderated so your answers will not be copied by others. Just in case :)


Ili Saharudin said...

sound good. maybe try it later..thanz 4 drop by my page

roxychick said...

ko memang da bomb la els! aku nak sangat buku tu! tsk. tsk.
setakat ni ada 3 je yg aku tau sendiri.. uhuhuhuuu.. nnt. lemme go thru it again..

azyze gomez said...
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Anonymous said...
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nooreen.rahman said...

hey thr, tx for stopping by.
the buku are tempting :) if da ada the answers will jawab this! ;)

nooreen.rahman said...

1. amy winehse - take the box
2. pink - so what
3. x tau :P
4. mj - the way u make me feel
5. carpenters - only yesterday
6. beatles - lady madonna
7. kiss the rain (tak ingt siapa nyanyi)
8. smooth criminal (ni version mana ni? MJ punya ke alient ant farm? hehe i ade dua dua)
9. dr dre's (tak igt tajuk dia ape) idea
11.tak tau gak
12.adele - my same (one of my fav singers of course :P) idea idea
15.owh tak tau gak ni :P lagu save room by john legend idea idea
19.suka lagu ni!!! bach girl - buses and trains
20.alanis - ironic (sukaaaa this song too)

alaaaaa tak menang la camni! haha byk yg tak tau :P

and owh the mtv tt i love the most is the scientist by coldplay, first because i love chris martin, and the video is awesome for me lah. :)

aite, cheers~

ouT oF My MinD said...

then x pandai main kuzi

bills said...

boleh x saya nak buku tu tp xmasuk contest ni?? ngeee.... :/

mizzyN said...

kalo tak google jangan harap aku nak tau lagu mana tu.

Aku ignorant part2 lagu nie beb. secara rasminya aku disqualifykan diri aku. Tapi nanti aku tolong promo.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

ala, kena pakai otak ke? otak aku tengah sangap la sekarang.

takpe, sampai Nov 2nd kan? akan ku pikirkan.

syabas he inspector shaab for the effort on the contest.

My name starts with M said...

6. Lady Madonna - The Beatles
7. Pergh ni Lionel Richie ke bukan ek? familiar giler weh!
8. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
9. Snoop Dogg? tp tak ingat title!
19. Bachelor' Girl - Buses and Train
20. Alanis - Ironic

MTV: Toxic by Britney (hahahha)

Menari atas kapalterbang yang sempit adalah terbaik! Costume cantik, effect 3D menarik, jalan cerita pula, wow, toksik!

roxychick said...

ok. aku bo jela..

2. so what by pink
5. only yesterday by the carpenters
7. kiss the rain by billie myers
8. smooth criminal by michael jackson
14. tujuh nafas lagi by m. nasir
16. save room by john legend
19. buses & trains by bachelor girl
ironic by alanis morissette

and the mv is:

simply because i just love the bonding they had.. some more it's a spontaneous reaction.. not choreographed.. hehehe..

Aidil Aben said...

ok gua try. .

2. pink lagu so what
4. michael jackson lagu The way you make me feel
6. the beatles, lagu Lady madonna
9. dr. dre ngan snoop dogg, lagu the last episode
14. m. nasir, lagu 7 nafas lagi
17. justin timberlake, lagu sexy ladies
20. alanis morisette, lagu ironic

videoklip paling aku suke lak lady gaga, eh maksud aku stevie wonder how come how long pasal altho lagu nih jiwang skit tapi bawak makna weh. semangat kekeluargaan sangat aku nih.

satu lagik aku suke radiohead, paranoid android. pasal aku peminat radiohead ho ho ho ho santa.

school of thoughts said...

aku tak sempat masukdah la ni...cit.

roxychick said...

lamanya ko pikir.. dah nov 4th dah ni weh.. dia nak announce dah tuu..