Goodbye Goodbye, Shining Beacon

Monday, July 27, 2009

Please take a while, put aside anything you might be multitasking while reading this blog, 
and watch the clip below. 

It's okay, dear readers, I cried too while watching this. 

How could I not shed tears watching the clip, when it reminded me so much of Yasmin's 'flaws' that were obviously & viciously pounded into our heads by those who hated her : her supposed insensitivity in portraying Islam, her over-dramaticized on-screen romances, her boring non-sensational storylines (although those were realistically, portraits of real life)

knowing that 

those 'flaws' would be the things that we; those whom she managed to touch in her 51 years on earth; would so miss in years to come, now that she's gone. 

Kak Yasmin, although I've never had the chance to know you personally, you've managed to touch my heart through your works and writings, especially the soulful ads you made. 

Indirectly, you have changed the lives of so many of us. I hope you know that you were loved and admired by many, and will continue to be our beacon, despite not being here in flesh. 

Moga Allah merahmati roh Kak Yasmin.

In times of sadness like these, I'm sure Kak Yasmin would want us to remember the good times and to celebrate life, just as she did. Just as her favourite poet, Jelaluddin Rumi noted in his famous poem:

you mustn't be afraid of death
you're a deathless soul
you can't be kept in a dark grave
you're filled with God's glow

be happy with your beloved
you can't find any better
the world will shimmer
because of the diamond you hold

when your heart is immersed
in this blissful love
you can easily endure
any bitter face around

in the absence of malice
there is nothing but
happiness and good times
don't dwell in sorrow my friend

 And so we shall. 


Note: This blog rests for a while in respect to the passing of Yasmin Ahmad.  

p/s: someone alerted me that this post sounds much like the one aku bimbo posted, rest assured I wrote this first before reading his entries, but the ad and poem were bound to be shared by many lah, since it's the two things that's really close to Kak Yasmin. I'd prefer to see it as 'great minds think alike', eh? (Don, lu lebih power though.)


roxychick said...


azyze gomez said...

apa yang memang?
memang lebih kurang sama ek?

itu la, as soon as i realized, i pun macam, hayo sama gila! adakah aku sebenarnya adalah aku bimbo atau aku bimbo adalah aku, atau aku sebenarnya bimbo?

(harap maaf, soalan ini tidak dibuka untuk sesi jawapan)

Amirul Rezza said...

Ah, semoga blog kamu kembali aman.

roxychick said...

memang tu memang sedih laa..

aku cuba menjadi pembaca berita berkepala tiga. haha.

school of thoughts said...

aku baru baca. dan aku nangis. lagi. nasib baik entry ko tiada gambar seperti entry lain yg aku penah baca. sedih.

azyze gomez said...

sabar ye sayang...