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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hanim & baby Mik

We visited Hanim on Saturday. Poor girl, she lost the baby she was carrying last week. She was already halfway into pregnancy, and it must've been heartwrenching for her. Although she looks fine, I guess dalam hati tuhan aje yang tahu, kan?

Anyway, Mikael, Hanim's first baby turned One! Adalah juga pengubat luka. He looks so much like his mommy. Maybe the next baby will take after Faizal.

I wonder why these ladies are cooing at me...

Maybe it's because I'm so cute!

Tickled pink by Mikael's antics

Mikael loves the camera! Direct a camera at him and he instantly poses for you. Nasib baik baru setahun, kalau tak I'd swear that Faizal & Hanim is training him to be a superstar! Those with female babies should perhaps be warned. This charmer is out to melt hearts, I tell you!

p/s: banyak jugak orang yang berangan jadi mak budak haritu. Sabar, sabar...your time will come...

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