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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This is...
(snaps picture)

a cup of Mamee Sllrrrp! (that's spelt with two Ls and three Rs, lest you forget) Sup Bunjut Pedas Terer

I bought one yesterday because I was: 1. Stupid enough to fall for the smartly executed ads on TV, and 2. because they were willing to go different with this one. 

I've had my share of instant noodles to know a different one when I see it. When everybody else produces predictable flavours like boring curry or tasteless tomyam or plain yucky asam laksa, Mamee Sllrrrp goes the extra mile by introducing an express version of a tricky Malaysian favourite that no girl in their right mind would dareto try and cook for their mak mertua on her first balik kampung visit.  

Where other brands stick to simple, modern designs and solid colours (purple for tomyam, red for curry, green for chicken), Mamee Sllrrp! decided to go retro and used a myriad of polka dots, two-toned background and accurate props that creepily looked like it was taken from the Adabi Sup Bunjut promo pictures circa 1982.

But what makes it so obviously 'different' than other instant noodles is that it boldly claims the title 'pedas terer'. In caps. 

You don't claim heavenly words from the Dictionary Of Good 'Ol Malaysian Food simply like that. You'd anger the Anthony Bordains of Malaysia if you do, especially the Malays and Indians who loves chilli and spices so much we even keep tonnes of dried ones in our cupboards, just in case the fresh ones miraculously vanishes into thin air.

So, making such bold statement can be seen as, well, like a blind pirate adventuring into uncharted territory. Evil Knievil pulling his 30 cars span bike jump stunt. David Blaine flying off into the night after hanging upside down for 'unthinkable' hours. 

Okay, this has nothing to do with pirates, Evil Knievil or David Blaine. 
But it's so creepy I simply HAD to put it up.

Bold indeed. 
A stupefying act that would lure even the most sceptical (halal) instant noodle expert on earth.


Hmm... let's see...
noodle in good shade of golden yellow, the smell of bunjut jumps out of the rempah pack the moment you tear the tab... 
rempah mixes well with hot water without any lumps...
three minutes and it is  is ready for consumption.

Perfect so far. 

Okayyyyyy... let's see how terer the pedas is...

See those red flecks of chilies?
The ones that look like they can actually blow steam out of your ears?

Unfortunately, those didn't come with the noodles.
Those are, in fact, Domino Pizza's packed chilli flakes that I keep for noodle cup (and other savoury-like edibles) emergencies, should I encounter any during my 'work late and the pantry's closed' dining experiences.

I had to use two packs of 'em to create the 'pedas terer' effect.

Tak aci betul.

I guess when Mamee Sllrrrp! (that's spelt with two Ls and three Rs, lest you forget)decided to use terer as their claim for this particular product, they must've meant it in the real english meaning that the Malaysian terer derived from. 

Woh, gua cakap lu.
Terror indeed. 


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

laksa kat tepeng hari tu pedas, mengancam.

laksa kat penang macamana?

ops. lupa.

heh heh.

roxychick said...

nasib baik aku amik tomyam.. tp tak pedas mana gak pon..

Anak Mami said...

I'm making my presence known. Saya anak mami tapi saya tidak lah seanak mami Prof Mohaideen (betoi ka eja ni?) yang sangat sangat lah over rated itu (like wtf saja kan detu?)

Ni kira aku buat kunjungan balaih hari raya lah ni..

selamat hari raya lah ye dan selamat berkenalan (tetiba rasa macam kembang setaman lah pulak)

cpms, ye aku tau comment aku panjang. tak yah bagitau ok.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


nasib baik sedar diri sendiri.


azyze gomez said...

hmboih hamboih...
nanti, nanti...
aku balik penang sekali lagi aku buat posting special tahap dewata raya pasal laksa sampai ko lebam nak baca!

maybe that is why I usually buy the simple looking instant noodles lah. yang packaging big bang bom nih semua harap marketing gimmick je...

anak mami:
tak pa...
kami tak kesah la nak komen panjang mana pun.
Si PMS tu memang tak suka panjang2 pasal nanti overshine dia, hehe

nanti kami pi balik penang kami carik hangpa.... kita pi belasah laksa sama2 okeh?
hik hik

PMS again:
chait! jangan kacau visitors kami na...
biaq pi la dia nak tuleh panjang mana pun...

Anak Mami said...

aku kat kl lah. bila pulak aku kat penang. aku dok kat danau kota ni ha..

azyze gomez said...

maksudku bila musim cuti gatal2 lah...
maklumlah, kalau tk cuti, nak balik penng pun macam liaaatttt sangat.

Anak Mami said...

ooohhhh lagu tu ka.. oklah set. weih nnt housewarming aku mai lah dengan cpms tu, boleh gak berkenalan...

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


duk housewarming, housewarming? mananya?

dah suam2 kuku dah ni.

korang dua ekor rumah sekangkang kera ja tau dak. pegi la dating kat old town taman melati ke, danau kota ke. tempat kita dating jugaklah hari tu.

Anak Mami said...

cpms, hang ni jaki sungguh kan? hse warming aku 25/10. jgn tak leh mai pulak!

azyze gomez said...

hamboih hamboih..
hngpa ni tak boleh biaq duduk sendiri sat, teghuih jadikan comment box aku tempat berbalas dialog..

babap kang!

roxychick said...

cpms kan suka jd moderator2 nih..
mcm hang gak.. klubb kid uols!

Anak Mami said...

zeek yang start dulu! pi babap dia laaaaaa...

azyze gomez said...

woi woi..
itu dia yang angkat aku jadik moderator ye.. (walaupun aku ni ala2 moderator lelap ah, hik hik)

anak mami:
ni nak pi babap nih... jaga dia...