Monday, July 21, 2008

Guilty of not updating for yonks.

I apologize.
Even this entry will not suffice, but a fast update is the only thing I can fit in, right now.

Alhamdulillah... mak, bapak, Eze & Am came back without any serious injury. Am tore his triceps muscle, while mak had a little pain around the ankle area. Doctors confirmed that they're all okay and only needed rest, which they did. 

Fina still doesn't know anything about the crash, and if you're reading this and you know my sister, I plead for you not to tell her anything. We don't want her to worry over things like this. 
Yes, I know I'd go ballistic if something if like this happened and they left me in the dark, but well, as mak said, this is for her own good. They're afraid Fina won't be able to handle it, what's with her adjusting to college life away from home an all.  

p/s: Thanks for everyone who called and prayed for my family's safety. Alhamdulillah, with your combined prayers, everyone is safe and for that I am forever indebted to you. 

"We're off to Jakarta!"   - mak
I have no idea how someone in their fifties can bounce back from a crazy ass-whopping accident as fast as mak & bapak did. Just two weeks after the rattling accident, mak & bapak went off to Jakarta. As of this moment, I'm sure mak's busy shopping, while bapak watches over helplessly. Woman + money + shopping mall = zero debit in bank. It's a good thing none of us believe in credit cards. With mak's love for all things female (which I'm sure is abundant there), she would've bought the whole of Jakarta, and some more. Habis lah mak swipe, kita suffer. 

Miss Clueless
Believe it or not, part of my Performance Development task is to organize a department activity. Nothing at all to do with me being a copywriter, but it's supposed to help me improve my communication and leadership skills. So yeah, I'm the sucker that's assigned with this year's department holiday trip.

Those close to me would know that I'm really bad at organizing because I'm not much of a detail person. I can come up with pretty good concepts and planning, but the moment you ask me to organize, everything would be everywhere. A scatterbrain, I must admit defeat when it comes to the more 'choleric' task - I am, after all, a strong sanguine. 

Thank god for our wonderful Con Sec, Kak Zarina. She's handling the bus & hotel arrangements, and Kak Roz is taking care of our holiday 'materials (t-shirts, banner etc). I ended up doing what I do best - 'selling' the trip to our department members and preparing teasers, posters and communication collaterals. 

Oi, they are not frivolous, okay. 
They hypen-up the crowd, builds up the anticipation. So there. *_*

So this year we're all going to Perhentian, since Redang is fully booked till the end of August.   
I'm right now really looking forward to our mencandat sotong trip with morbid facination - the idea of mencandat sounds so exciting but I don't think I can keep my sanity once those suckers attack me (pardon the pun).

I actually pasted a picture of squids with crazy tentacles here, but I can't stop imagining them sucking and wiggling so no pictures of squishy squid suckers here, sorry. 

Will try and update again before leaving to Perhentian, insyaallah. 

Thanks for everyone who's called and kept me updated on things. I might not be able to ramble here but I do squeeze some time to check out your blogs.

Toodle doo  :)


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


perhentian besar ke kecik?

secara suratan atau kebetulan, aku pun tengah mengorganize percutian department aku + Brucie yang cuma ada kitorang ni.

nanti kau cerita kat aku lah best ke tak okay?

azyze gomez said...

Besar... nan hado uang nak gi perhentian kecik uols... fully booked so kalau nak priority kena bayar lebih banyak lagi...

okeh, nanti iols bagi review gatal.

mizzy N said...


teringat aku masa gi tangkap bilis kat pangkor. Masa tu malam dan kapal tu suluh laut utk tgk ikan bilis. Sang sotong-sotong pun tertarik dgn cahaya lampu dan berenang sama2 kat tepi bot. Rasa macam nak gi serkup pakai jaring je. Banyak pula tu.

azyze gomez said...

aku suka makan sotong tapi geli tengok tentacles sotong yang idup.

kalau dah atas pinggan tu... hehehehe

mizzy N said...

aaaa, sotong kering yang ala2 chewing gum tu kalau kunyah pastu tak telan lagi ckap dgn kawan2, mesti kena tegor. Eee busuk dorang kate, bau power